Some interesting updates found their way to the live servers with the server maintenance on 04/28/2020. Such patches never come without complications though. At least one thing is usually likely to go wrong because of Gala Lab.

This time, the Wood Manager NPC (where players can trade in their Spring Event items) got the short end of the deal. In all probability, he will be absent for longer. As the FlyFF team announced on the German Discord server today, the NPC is expected to return after the next scheduled server maintenance on 05/12/2020. Players are therefore encouraged to save their Seeds and Crystalized Souls.

‘As we announced yesterday, the Wood Manager had to be temporarily removed from the game by the developers. For reasons unknown to us, returning the Wood Manager during the server maintenance was not possible. The earliest point of return is currently 05/12/2020. Please hold on to your Seeds and Souls in order to use them as soon as the Wood Manager returns. Your FlyFF team.’