Following the server maintenance on 05/12/2020, players noticed with no small amount of surprise that the patcher had updated more than 150 files for our FlyFF client. The question of what could be behind it all quickly arose.

On the German FlyFF Discord, Game Master Piccolo revealed that these patches belong to the next planned event. He also stated that he was not allowed to give any more details on the matter.

The gossip factory went into working overtime quickly and the community firmly believed that the teased event had to be the ‘Grow Green Event’ which started over at PlayPark not too long ago. This assumption was ultimately denied by Piccolo, however.

Image source: FlyFF DE Discord

‘Before you start getting too invested in the [Grow Green] event – we are not planning to adopt it anytime soon. / Other events are planned for FlyFF DE/FR/EU and US.’