For a while now, there has been an exploit in FlyFF, allowing players to slyly invite themselves into someone else’s party or guild, or to initiate a trade with another player. The latest cases arose just yesterday evening on the German FlyFF server.

The main concern lies with the Guild Warehouse. Many players primarily use their own guilds as additional storage space and, as such, only invite their own characters into these guilds. This leads to no thoughts being given to member rankings. Even Rookies usually have the rights to take items and Penya from the Guild Warehouse.

This information has already reached WEBZEN as well. GM Piccolo commented on the player reports on the German FlyFF Discord and recommends limiting the rights for the Guild Warehouse to a point where new members are unable to access it.

Source: FlyFF DE Discord

‘We have to admit that this problem presents a new challenge to Gala. At the moment, we advise you to not use the Guild Warehouse, or to restrict the rights insofar that the Guild Leader is the only person with access rights until the problem is fixed. / We are sorry, we are unable to do anything else at the moment.’