After the dramatic experiences of last weekend, the spirits have slowly calmed down a bit. The topic is being revisited here and there, but the Discord servers are no longer on fire as they were at the beginning of the week.

After almost a week, the players are asking themselves how things stand now. GM Piccolo gave us a small piece of information about this on the German FlyFF Discord server.

Investigations are still ongoing and they are far from complete. There is also the question of compensation for the players. Piccolo has not yet been able to say anything concrete on this, but he assured us that compensation is definitely being planned.

Piccolo: ‘We are still investigating the incident. We are far away from being done.
As soon as the investigation is complete and we have sorted out the guilty and innocent players, as well as removed most of the items in circulation, we can discuss compensation. It just doesn’t make sense to talk about compensation before we reached this point. But I can already tell you that there is something in the pipeline.’