Today WEBZEN issued a new statement regarding the incidents of last weekend. They had consulted with the developers and are now aiming for the following measures:

  • All items that can be linked to the incident are will get removed from the game.
  • There won’t be a rollback.
  • It is hoped to be able to reactivate the guild storage as soon as possible. To do this, however, they must first make sure that the associated exploit has been fixed.

The publisher will keep us informed about further developments.

Even if a rollback is desired by the community – and by Piccolo itself according to its own statement – Gala Lab would like to try to solve the matter without a rollback if possible. After all, the lost progress would be huge for the players and a rollback also represents an enormous effort.

We hope that the actions of WEBZEN and Gala Lab will bear fruit and we are looking forward to further developments on this topic.

A summary of the underlying events can be found in the corresponding blog post.