The ‘Cute Invasion’ launching today seems to be off to a bad start. Apparently, WEBZEN and Gala Lab both forgot that the cute little Mocomochis have received a notable buff during a server maintenance in August 2019. As a result, players are now facing cuddly little fellows who, on the one hand, have a literal billion HP and, on the other hand, are only able to take one single point of damage per hit dealt to them.

Luckily, reactions to the problem at hand were prompt and the damage was kept relatively low. Both the Mocomochis and the Pinatas remain ingame, but will not be spawning again once they have been defeated. With the Mocomochis, this may pose a problem…

The French announcement made by GM Klaig provides a wholly different statement. According to him, the developers were asked to correct the HP value of the Mocomochi with the coming server maintenance on 01/21/2020. Which version of the announcements rings true is something we will only be able to find out coming Tuesday, following the server maintenance.

‘Hello, Mochikochis and Pinatas will stay on the server until next maintenance but will not reappear after you killed them. We have asked GALA to correct the Mochikochis’ HP during the next maintenance. Enjoy the game!’