On 04/16/2020, in the evening, players on the DE, FR and EU FlyFF servers came face to face with massive login problems. The reason was – not for the first time – an overload of specific data traffic nodes between the client and the data centre. This was also the reason why some VPN servers still allowed players to access the game.

Usually, WEBZEN always states that compensation for such outages will only be supplied if the error has been made by WEBZEN (or Gala Lab) themselves. Although that was not the case this time, WEBZEN is still treating us to an item code as a means of compensation.


This code will grant you 5x “2011 FWC Card (Bind)” and 5x “Pride of Victory (Bind)”. It is valid until 05/16/2020 at midnight (UTC) and can be redeemed once per account on the following page for characters on the DE, FR or EU server: http://www.webzen.com/Coupon