Spending some time in Community Management allows one to learn quite a bunch about things such as swarming behaviour of players. It is, for example, of the utmost importance to show a consistent conduct towards all players and player groups at all times. Otherwise, players may very quickly feel left out or treated unfairly. Sadly, the French GM Klaig does not seem to have a grasp on this yet.

A popular pitfall, in this context, tend to be the national holidays of the different FlyFF communities. If one community is treated to a different gift for their national holiday than the other communities, trouble will be brewing rather quickly.

This pitfall was beautifully taken by GM Klaig at top speed. While the US Community got a cheap item code – containing 5 Firework items – to honour their Independence Day on July 4th, Klaig’s thoughts probably were: ‘Only the best for my fellow French countrymen’, which lead to the French community being treated to a one-week equivalent of the ‘Macaroon Rain Event’ for their French national holiday.

Put shortly: The US server got 5 Firework items to celebrate their national holiday and the FR server is allowed to farm Power-Ups from monsters for a whole week.

We wish you a lot of fun with the coming shitstorm, Klaig. 🙂