Especially during an ongoing 2x EXP event, players are motivated to level their characters up. It plays right into their cards should the Lord use their power to activate their EXP events as well. As is commonly known, however, those are a rather expensive feat.

For that reason, donations from players aimed towards Lord events have established themselves. Surprisingly, GM Piccolo has joined the ranks of donators this evening. He contacted the current Yggdrasil Lord on the German FlyFF Discord server and told him that he would like to donate a few Lord EXP & Drop events for the coming weekend.

Image source: FlyFF DE Discord

Piccolo’s statement reads: ‘Saturday and Sunday, 7 – 9 p.m. MEZ, Lord Soniya will be starting EXP and Drop events donated by me. I wish you a lot of fun with them. Your Piccolo’

As it stands, only players of the German Server Yggdrasil can look forward to these sponsored events this weekend. Naturally, the EN community took this rather badly once they got wind of it, and sprang to action on the EN FlyFF Discord server.

Image source: FlyFF EN Discord

Sadly, no answer to the queries has been given by GM Piccolo before his work day ended. We doubt anything will come of it during the weekend. We are staying on our toes, however, and are hoping for a response coming Monday.