The character build of the so-called ‘Wand Blade’ has been the subject of many discussions on the FlyFF community platforms over the last years. Some believe it to be disreputable and on the same level as bug using, while others welcomed it as a chance of bypassing the massive block rate of high-level monsters.

With today’s server maintenance on 06/09/2020, FlyFF developer Gala Lab implemented a ninja update once again. The wand blade has been nerfed. Using the ‘Old Guardian Wand’ as a Blade / Slayer in combination with another one-handed weapon now leads to the standard long-range attack of the Wand no longer being executed. This change only hits the Blade / Slayer class. Every other class is still able to use the Wand as usual.

Publisher WEBZEN apperently knew nothing of the implemented change. That is what GM Piccolo stated on the English FlyFF Discord, at least.

Source: FlyFF EN Discord

The Wand Blade nerf is sure to raise questions. It is a complex topic which cannot be covered as a whole in a small Newsticker entry. This is why we will publish a Blog article on the topic of the Wand Blade next week.

Update #1 – 06/09/2020

WEBZEN has released a statement regarding the changes on the official FlyFF forums. You can read the statement here.