Our client tends to get flooded with masses of new items during server maintenances. A lot of it does not even belong to our Western versions, however, and is instead being developed for wholly different regions and their publishers. A lot of new or recycled Fashion Sets being among said items is old news as well. So old, in fact, that we have decided not to talk about it on the Blog anymore.

Today marks a rare exception. Why? Because this Fashion Set is actually quite pretty and as such, we would like to share it with you. Pretty is not its only feature though, as it boasts some quite nice effects as well.

We do not think that this set will be heading our way at all, though, due to it having a cultural background. It is a tribute to the Qixi Festival (‘The Double Seventh Festival’), a sort of Chinese equivalent to our Valentine’s Day. Should you be interested in learning more about it, Wikipedia will surely be able to help you out.

Altair / Vega Set
IconName (M)IconName (F)Effect
Altair Hat (M)Vega Hat (F)
  • INT +20
  • MP +10%
Altair Suit (M)Vega Suit (F)
  • STR +20
  • Attack +10%
Altair Hands (M)Vega Hands (F)
  • DEX +20
  • Critical Damage +10%
Altair Boots (M)Vega Boots (F)
  • STA +20
  • HP +10%