FlyFF Star Teaser.

Over the past few days a screenshot has been circulating through the depths of the FlyFF community platforms. This screenshot shows a teaser for a new FlyFF mobile game called ‘FlyFF Star’.

What exactly this means is not yet clear at this stage. However, it seems to be a cooperation with the Philippine publisher PlayPark. Whether this game will be released only for the Philippine market (or maybe worldwide) is not known at this time either.

At least it doesn’t seem to be a fake. The question about this title was asked by a curious user on the FlyFF Legacy Discord server. Another player took up the question and addressed it directly to one of the community managers. [CM] Cloud confirmed the authenticity of this teaser a little bit later, but also made it clear that it is ‘not from them’. He probably meant that FlyFF Star is not published and operated by Gala Lab itself, but by the Philippine publisher PlayPark.

Confirmation of the authenticity of FlyFF Star by FlyFF Legacy's Community Manager [CM] Cloud.