Technically, not much was supposed to be patched with today’s server maintenance on 07/08/2020. Only the removal of the ‘Rock Paper Scissors Event’ and the ‘Run of the Dumb Bull Event’ NPCs was part of the initial announcement, as well as a GameGuard update for 32-bit systems.

Following the end of the server maintenance, another patch got announced surprisingly. The patch notes now read:

Arcanist’s ‘EVA Storm’ skill is no longer usable below level 129

Official FlyFF EN website

Why this restriction has only been applied to the Arcanist AoE skill is unclear as of yet. Should this have been an attempt to restrain the controversial Powerboosting, nerfing this particular skill alone will probably not be sufficient. Such a restriction would have to be applied to all skills of all classes instead.

Whether the changes communicated by Gala actually turn out to be accurate is another story. Reports have already reached us that these changes are supposedly not exclusive to the skill ‘EVA Storm’.


Meanwhile, WEBZEN confirmed that this change affects all skills of all job classes as well.