Ever since the design of the ‘Devil Weapons’ was released by the Filipino publisher PlayPark, it caused a whole lot of envy inside our community. If not as normal weapons, players would happily take them as skins as well. The German Game Master Piccolo took the request straight to Gala and received the following answer:

Image source: FlyFF DE Discord

Piccolo’s statement reads:
‘Morning / I’ve informed myself about the weapons which were posted here a few days ago. They are special weapons for the Filipino Seasonal Speed Server. They are exclusively available there and deleted after three months. Players are neither allowed to keep them nor to use them as skins. / Since these are special weapons, they will not be available on any regular FlyFF servers. / That is the statement made by Gala, at least.’

So, according to Gala, the ‘Devil Weapons’ are supposed to magically delete themselves after three months? That seems a bit strange to us. The official announcements by PlayPark tell us that the weapons in question are to be worked towards on the current Speed Server, but are then acquired for the permanent servers (Rhisis and Lord Pang). In that light, would it not be completely mindless for the weapons to be temporary? Their announcements show no sign of such a limitation.

This all may have been just a misunderstanding between WEBZEN and Gala Lab. Be that as it may, Gala Lab has given this statement as a reason for our versions not being able to implement these weapons.