A huge horde of ‘Rampaging Dumb Bulls‘ has chosen Madrigal as its summer vacation spot and is now throwing things for a loop. It is up to brave adventurers to put the bothersome bulls into their place.

Naturally, you will not have to clean them up without being rewarded. You will find an NPC named ‘Dumb Bull Matador’ in Flaris who is offering a repeatable quest. Completing this quest by defeating 10 ‘Rampaging Dumb Bulls‘ will grant you a ‘Are You Ready To Dumb Bull Box 2019’. 10 completed quests yield a ‘Super Matador’s Cloak’.

This event will start on Tuesday, July 23rd at 9:00 a.m. and run until Tuesday, August 20th at 7:00 a.m. (UTC).

Are You Ready To Dumb Bull Box 2019Are You Ready To Dumb Bull Box 2019This special event box contains various food items, Milk Cow Sets, Bull Sets and even Baby Cows!
Super Matador's CloakSuper Matador’s CloakMovement Speed +15%, Parry +20%, DEF +10

Possible contents of the “Are You Ready To Dumb Bull Box 2019

Bull HamsternBull HamsternProvides +1200 HP for 1 hour.2Nein
Dumb Bull SteakDumb Bull SteakDumb Bull Steak done right! Yummy! This Steak will raise your HP by 500 and your Critical Hit Rate by 5% for 2 minutes.2Nein
Tofu SaladTofu SaladAre you a health nut? This is the best health food around! HP Recovery up to 6,0001Nein
MilkMilkRecovers 260 HP10Nein
Green Root BeerGreen Root BeerThis charming St. Patrick’s Day beverage increases your Speed by +5% and your HP by +100 for 10 minutes.Sláinte2Nein
Baby CowBaby CowCute Cow that follows its owner around and picks up dropped items.1Nein
Milk Cow Hat (F)Milk Cow Hat (F)1Nein
Milk Cow Suit (F)Milk Cow Suit (F)1Nein
Milk Cow Gloves (F)Milk Cow Gloves (F)1Nein
Milk Cow Shoes (F)Milk Cow Shoes (F)1Nein
Bull's Hat (M)Bull’s Hat (M)1Nein
Bull's Suit (M)Bull’s Suit (M)1Nein
Bull's Gloves (M)Bull’s Gloves (M)1Nein
Bull's Shoes (M)Bull’s Shoes (M)1Nein