Unpack the lederhosen, get a hold of a roast chicken and three Mass wheat beer and stuff it down your throat all at one (yes, the lederhosen, too)! After a hiatus of several years, WEBZEN is bringing back the Octoberfest event.


It consists of two quests, granting you a ‘Oktoberfest Box 2015’ at the end of it all. Out of this box, a random item out of an illustrious spread awaits you. So get up to 3,8 permille and start farming!


This event starts on 09/17/2019 at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 10/08/2019 at 7:00 a.m. (UTC).

Quest #1 – The Brewing Kettle (Level 15 – 170)

Boboko in Flaris is in need of 1x ‘Furious Match’ and 30x ‘Small Toothed Wheel’. In exchange, you will be granted a ‘Brewing Kettle’. This item is needed as a prerequisite for the second event quest.

Quest goal

Furious MatchQuest item that drops from Mr. Pumpkin in Saint Morning.1
Small Toothed WheelWhat is it? Looks useless. Can be obtained on the Collector Field.30

Quest reward

Brewing KettleBring it to Arthur G. in Flaris Est!Yes

Quest #2 – “Sassafras” and “Sarsaparilla” for Arthur G. (Level 15 – 170)

For this quest, you will need the ‘Brewing Kettle’ from the first event quest.

Arthur G. would like 10x “Sassafras” and 10x “Sarsaparilla” from you (can be obtained from monsters starting level 15). He will reward you with a ‘Oktoberfest Box 2015’ in return.

Quest goal

SassafrasWhile this is still an ingredient in soaps, oils, and perfumes, we all no it is best used in the creation of a mighty tasty beverage. Bring it to Arthur G. in Flaris Est!10
SarsaparillaOnce thought to be a cure all of sorts, it has been found to be most useful in creating tasty beverages as of late. Bring it to Arthur G. in Flaris Est!10

Quest reward

Oktoberfest Box 2015Oktoberfest Box 2015No

Possible contents of the ‘Oktoberfest Box 2015’

Traditional German Outfit Set(M) 2015Traditional German outfit set for male characters, exclusive for participants of Oktoberfest 2015.1Yes
Traditional German Outfit Set(F) 2015Traditional German outfit set for female characters, exclusive for participants of Oktoberfest 2015.1Yes
Lovely Furniture Package (7 days)This box contains the Lovely Furniture Set.1No
Friendship (A)Summon a player to you (30 sec: Casting Time). This item only works on characters on the same continent or in the same instance.1Yes
(Event)Syila Bike Box (7 days)1Yes
Green Root BeerThis charming St. Patrick’s Day beverage increases your Speed by +5% and your HP by +100 for 10 minutes.Sláinte1No
Bull HamsternProvides +1200 HP for 1 hour.10No
LasagnaRecovers 20000 HP10No
Peach PunchPure drink that contains organic ingredients. Recovers 2000 MP10No
Meat SaladRecovers 860 HP10No
Seafood PizzaRecovers 1313 HP10No
Soy BeanA healthy finger food10No