A small Demian has somehow found its way to Flarine from the nearby Madren Town. An itch for gambling drives him, and as such, he offers a prize to anyone who is able to beat him in a game of Rock Paper Scissors. The more times you beat him consecutively, the better the prize waiting for you.

Are you able to beat the small Demian consecutively often enough? Joining many long-known prizes from the previous year for the first time are the ‘Black Bulldog Pet’ and the ‘Skeleton Devil’s Cloak (N)’ as main prizes.

The FlyFF Rock Paper Scissors Event 2020 starts on 05/26/2020 at 8:00 a.m. and runs until 06/23/2020 at 12:00 a.m. (PST).

Event quest

The Mayor of Flarine would like you to bring him 10x  Pumpkin. He will reward you with a  Rock Paper Scissor Coupon.

Pumpkins can be dropped by monsters level 15 or higher.

Quest goal

PumpkinGather some more and get a gift!10

Quest reward

Rock-Paper-Scissors CouponA coupon that can be exchanged for a single game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.1No

Playing Rock Paper Scissors

With a Rock Paper Scissors Coupon, you will be able to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors with the Naughty Demian in Flarine. After each victory, you will be able to choose between calling it quits and gaining a reward or continuing to play. Should you lose, however, no prize will be gained.

The prize is determined by the number of rounds you have consecutively beaten the Naughty Demian.

1Mysterious PillRecovers HP by 12,000.5No
2Premium Teleport MapAllows you to teleport to many different areas of the world instantly. This map also allows you to save locations in order to return directly to them later. Each teleport consumes one map.1No
3Jump ScrollEnables you to jump much higher than usual for 3 minutes.3No
4Scroll of AProtectThis scroll prevents the loss of an accessory when an upgrade fails. To use, activate the scroll before attempting the upgrade. The scroll is consumed during the upgrade process.2No
5Super Star CandyThis super-duper canooper Star Candy increases all stats by +10 for 2 hours. ‘Packs quite a punch…’10No
6Black Bulldog PetA cute, black bulldog that follows its master around and picks up dropped items.1No
7Blessed Cloak of the LightThis legendary cloak was crafted and blessed by Rhisis hereself.1No
8Scroll of Amplification Q (1 Day)This scroll increases the EXP you gain from killing monsters by 200%. Stacks up to 5 times with other Amplification Scrolls. Lasts 1 Day (Time counts down even while logged off).15Yes
9S card Random BoxContains a random S card to be applied to a pierced weapon or shield.2No
10Skeleton Devil’s Cloak (N)Only special people can wear this cloak.1Yes