Slowly but surely, we wake from our winter depression. The weather is turning sunny, the landscapes are livelier and the long-eared seasonal worker is all ready to go and hide his colourful eggs.

Exactly those eggs have been hidden all across Madrigal as well. All we have to do is find them and trade them in for a stuffed easter basket. Among the rewards awaiting us are a newly statted fashion set and a whole lot of illustre eggs serving as power-ups.


Those of you who relied on the premature Korean leaks of our rather dim colleague may find themselves confronted with disappointment. Instead of the 2020 version power-ups, our realm is blessed with the 2015 version eggs.

The FlyFF Easter Event 2020 starts on 04/14/2020 at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 05/12/2020 at 7:00 a.m. (UTC).

Event quest

[Artisan] Egg Decorator in Flaris would like you to bring him 100x  Easter Egg 2020. He will reward you with a  Easter Basket 2020.

Easter Egg 2020 can be dropped by monsters level 15 or higher.

Quest goal

Easter Egg 2020100

Quest reward

Egg Basket 20201No

Possible contents of the event boxes

Egg Basket 2020

Rabbit Box (M) 2020Contains one random part of the new statted Rabbit Set for male characters.1No
Rabbit Box (F) 2020Contains one random part of the new statted Rabbit Set for female characters.1No
Rabbit Set (M)Box that includes male Rabbit Set (no stats).1No
Rabbit Set (F)Box that includes female Rabbit Set (no stats).1No
Purple EggIncreases your Attack by 110 for 8 minutes1No
Green EggIncreases your PVP Damage by 6% for 8 minutes1No
Blue EggIncreases your PVE Damage by 8% for 8 minutes1No
Red EggIncreases your Magic Attack by 210 for 8 minutes1No
Sky Blue EggIncreases your Run Speed by 6% for 8 minutes1No
Pink EggIncreases your Attack by 5% for 8 minutes1No
Yellow EggIncreases your Defense by 6% for 8 minutes1No
White EggIncreases your Melee Block by 6% for 8 minutes1No
Gray EggIncreases your Ranged Block by 6% for 8 minutes1No
Orange EggIncreases your Defense by 180 for 8 minutes1No

Rabbit Box (M) / (F) 2020

The ‘Rabbit Box (M) / (F) 2020’ contains one random part of the Rabbit Set 2020.

Rabbit Set 2020
Rabbit Set 2020NameEffect
2020 Rabbit Hat (M)2020 Rabbit Hat (F)
  • Decreased Casting Time +7%
  • INT +9
2020 Rabbit Outfit (M)2020 Rabbit Outfit (F)
  • Critical Damage +7%
  • STA +9
2020 Rabbit Hand (M)2020 Rabbit Hand (F)
  • PvP Damage +7%
  • DEX +9
2020 Rabbit Shoes (M)2020 Rabbit Shoes (F)
  • Attack +7%
  • STR +9
Set Effect
2/4 – PvP Damage Absorb +3%
3/4 – PvP Damage Absorb +7%
– HP +5%
4/4 – PvP Damage Absorb +10%
– HP +10%