Mistakes during server maintenances seem to be more common as of late. Another mishap has occurred within today’s maintenance. As described in the patch notes, the NPCs of the ‘Run of the Dumb Bulls’ and ‘Silver Hearts’ events have been removed due to technical difficulties. As a small means of compensation, WEBZEN decided to activate another ingame event.

During the ‘Fluffy Invasion’, small, cuddly little monsters are trying their best to take over our world. Whoever finds and slays them has the chance to acquire special event loot.

This event will start on Tuesday, August 6th at 11:20 a.m. and run until Tuesday, August 13th at 7:00 a.m. (UTC).

Event monsters

The following event monsters can be found across Madrigal for the duration of the event. Compared to former versions of the ‘Fluffy Invasion’, something seems conspicuous. The ‘Mocomochi’ was removed. It has been replaced by the ‘Pinata’. Our experiences tell us that the ‘Pinata’ does not drop any special event items though.

An official statement on why this monster exchange was necessary is still lacking. We believe to have found the answer to this question though. You can read up on this in our separate article.

Clockworks ButlerClockworks Butler1100~00
Gray EarlGray Earl1100~00
Earl VermelhoEarl Vermelho1100~00

Popular drops of the ‘Fluffy Invasion’

Gold PackagePackage including a 7 Days Azria Ticket, 3 of Scroll of amplification ES(S), 4 of Upcut Stone
Pet Tamer Box
Shiny Weapon BoxThis box has a chance to contain a variety of different blue weapons.
Clock Bike Chance BoxThis little box has a chance to contain one of many different useful items, including a chance to contain a Clock Bike!
White Rabbit Chance BoxThis Chance box gives you the opportunity to get a White Rabbit along with Ddukguks, Flasks, Scroll of Resurrections, Christmas Teas, Vital Drink Xs, and Refresher Holds.
Cloak of the Night SkyThis cloak depicts an imaginative fantasy night landscape and was named by DarkWall on Glaphan! It gives the wearer a 15% Speed and a 100 HP boost.
Mysterious BagHas a chance of contain one of many valuable items including flying vehicles, assorted scrolls, pick-up pets, buff foods, and even a Dragon Cloak of the Initiate.
Christmas TeaAmp your self up with Christmas Spirit! Provide unlimited Action Slot skills for a limited time. Lasts 10 minutes.