Amidst everything that keeps happening in the world of FlyFF, one topic pops up time and time again. It has been the cause of discussions, displeasure and a lack of understanding on the community’s side. We are talking about the Lord system.

We last touched upon the topic of the Lord system in detail more than half a year ago. Back then, we compared the development of Lords from the past and the present. Today, we are dedicating ourselves to another aspect frequently causing new discussions inside the FlyFF community.

Democracy in the FlyFF Lord system is old news

In our last article on the FlyFF Lord system, we touched upon a problem primarily present today. The Lord vote was actually devised as a democratic voting system, with which the population of a server selects their Lord for two weeks. In the present time – where every person fights for themselves and FlyFF is slowly but surely deteriorating to a single-player game -, this system is not exactly functioning well.

It has become common practice for Lords to vote for themselves using their own gigantic resources, rather than letting the server population vote. This practice is tied to a huge disadvantage, however. Should the players be in disagreement with the current Lord and dislike their agenda, they are left without a way to prevent a reelection. This circumstance has been the centre of debates both ingame and on the FlyFF Discord servers for a long time.

Should the FlyFF Lord system be replaced by an NPC?

That is the solution players have in mind. Or, at least the solution repeatedly popping up on the community platforms recently. The Lord vote as a whole – and the Lord as a player – is to be abolished. Instead, an NPC is to be placed where everyone can start Lord EXP and drop events themselves and buy Lord buffs by donating Penya.

Now, the question arises whether this could be a serious and feasible solution. We have thought about this intently and have come to a rather conflicting conclusion.

FlyFF Lord system as an NPC – The pros

The players are most annoyed by the already mentioned circumstance of most of the (successful) Lord candidates pushing the vote majorly for themselves. This leads to the population votes no longer being integral to the Lord position. However, the players are even more annoyed at the Lord EXP events being dependent on one single person. Should the Lord make themselves scarce, there are no EXP events. That even a Lord might just have a private and work life is of no concern to the players.

Should the dependency on one single person be removed, it would in fact be an advantage, since the hot-in-demand EXP events could theoretically be started whenever the players need them.

FlyFF Lord system as an NPC – The cons

We think it is very sad what the Lord system – or rather, the mindset of the players concerning the system – has deteriorated to. It was primarly meant as a feature where the players of a server had to work together. Nowadays, the EXP events are the only thing that counts. The entire social community aspect behind this system has become irrelevant in the players’ heads.

One look at the suggestion in question makes what motivates the players very clear: it is pure greed. They want to harvest the sweet advantages of this system without having to invest into the tedious community aspect.

We would like to make one thing very clear, however: we are not only talking about the mindset of the server population. We are also talking about the Lords which vote for themselves out of pure self-interest, e.g. pushing their level-boost services. Rumours and accusations of this sort are plentiful. We cannot judge whether these apply to certain players. Should that be the case, however, we believe such people to be filthy and misplaced in our community.

The FlyFF Lord system as an NPC – A scenario

Let us return to the oh-so-simple solution rooted in the minds of many of our fellow players. We have dared to develop a little scenario in which Gala Lab agrees to a rework of the Lord system. The result, from our point of view, is not as ‘simple’ as many seem to think. We believe that this idea was not thought through until the end by our fellow players.

Let us assume that Gala Lab would actually invest time and workpower into revamping the Lord system according to the players’ wishes. We can easily imagine the developer asking themselves whether the prices for the EXP and drop events are still appropriate. After all, these prices were once calculated based on an economy present 12 years ago. Today, this economy is looking very different.

Suppose that the given capacity of Penya has risen by a factor of 50 due to the massive inflation during the last 12 years (purely hypothetically). The thought that Gala would adjust the prives of the EXP and drop events is not far off whatsoever. If the system is being completly reworked anyways, then the prices should logically be adjusted to current circumstances as well.

The question arises whether the community would really be willing to pay 50 billion Penya for a one-hour 50% EXP event. We are unsure whether people actually thought this far when they started throwing out these suggestions. We are equally unsure of such a change being received positively.

What alternatives are there?

We think that the Lord system in its core purpose is very cool, especially since it is a feature we have not seen in any other MMORPGs before. FlyFF is drifting towards being a single-player game more and more already. It would be sad if one of the last community features was to be mutilated now.

Still, it cannot be denied that, in its current technical form, this feature is more than outdated. The possibilites of misuse have become ever easier over the years. Which suggestions do we have in mind sticking to the illusory thought of Gala Lab being willing to rework the system?

From our point of view, reworking the voting system should be their primary focus. This suggestion is also seen frequently during discussions. Lord candidates should not be able to vote for themselves with hundreds of their own characters. A character-per-account and IP-address limitation would surely be a good starting point. But whether Gala Lab is actually willing to change anything concerning the Lord system remains questionable.

What do you think about the Lord system? Is it okay that players skip the democratic voting system by using their own resources to vote for themselves? What do you think about the widely spread suggestions concerning the improvement of the system? Do you have any ideas of your own? But, more importantly… does Drakul the Diabolic know that he has got a huge vermin problem inside his crypt? Make sure to let us know in the comments!