The chaos of the hacking incidents of the weekend before last left a bad taste for (DE) FlyFF players for the entire past week. The result was a deactivated guild storage and tons of accounts that had been suspended for investigation. But the horror was not over yet…

Just in time for last weekend, another exploit made a public appearance and caused a stir among players and the publisher. What follows is a short summary of what happened.

Public appearance of a FlyFF God-Mode / One-Hit tool

We are still not a big fan of giving cheaters and hackers attention on our platform. However, since these events once again made a big splash, we will nevertheless deal with them as superficially as possible.

Last Friday, people released a tool on a shady platform. With this tool it was possible to use some character modes that are actually reserved for game masters only. Among other things an immortality mode and a one-hit mode, which allows you to defeat monsters and players with one single hit.

Usually such tools are only passed on underhand in a small circle of choosen players or get even sold for lots of money. In this case, however, the tool is completely public.

The FlyFF community is off the wall

The reactions of the community to this development should not be difficult to guess. Conspiracy theorists, who had seen the game in the grave the weekend before already, now saw these events as the final coup de grace for FlyFF. Once again, the community platforms were literally burning.

But if you compare these events with those of the weekend before, you can see that there was actually not such a big chaos. First and foremost, the tool was used to troll around the PvP arena a bit. Others used it for farming or leveling. While it did some damage, it was only a tiny fraction of what happened the weekend before.

Judging by the bush telegraph, WEBZEN also took a hard line here and punished users of this tool. According to some rumours, this even concerns the current Lord of FlyFF DE server Yggdrasil. However, we do not have any concrete facts about this.

WEBZEN and Gala Lab take actions

Even though this tool caused some inconveniences over the whole weekend, the damage was probably quite small. Furthermore WEBZEN and Gala Lab reacted quite fast to these events. This time, however, it was also relatively easy, since the tool was publicly available.

Last Tuesday’s server maintenance removed a very large portion of the illegally created items that had been so generously distributed the weekend before. At the latest with today’s unscheduled server maintenance, the God-Mode / One-Hit tool should also no longer work. Furthermore the guild storage is now accessible again.

Are all FlyFF exploits fixed now?

As unpleasant and exhausting as the past two weeks have been, there is definitely something good about it. Technically speaking, FlyFF has taken a huge step forward. If you believe the voices from this shady scene, these two exploits had already been in use for four or five years.

However, the fact that they are now fixed does not necessarily mean that FlyFF is completely secure now. It is still a very old game based on an extremely old engine. As in the past, some smart people will probably come across new security holes sooner or later. Hopefully they won’t find them too quickly.

How did you experience last weekend? Did you have to suffer restrictions by the tool users? What is your general opinion about such cheater tools? But even more important… What does the Zombiger do when the battery of his helmet lamp runs out? Please let us know in the comments!