About a month ago, FlyFF GM Piccolo initiated a survey concerning suggestions towards improvements for the Pet Filter. This step had been welcomed by the community with open arms, seeing as the Pet Filter in its current form is rather limited.

Past Friday, a user on the German FlyFF Discord server asked whether there were any news concerning the Pet Filter topic. As a matter of fact, Piccolo did have news to share.

Gala Lab rejects adjustment of the FlyFF Pet Filter

The participation from the community for this survey was quite presentable. There were suggestions coming from all three languages of the community about how to improve the Pet Filter. Gala Lab – developer of FlyFF – however, seems to primarily see technical difficulties on the horizon: the complete item database would have to be reworked. That in itself would amount to a utopian task, seeing as the database currently houses over 9,000 items. Furthermore, the interaction between the items and other aspects of the game seems to be a source of worry, possibly causing damage to it with a rework of the existing item database.

The conversation reads:
Meister Yota: ‘How are the suggestions for the Pet Filter doing? Did you plow through them already?’
[GM]Piccolo: ‘Yes, and sadly, [we] suffered a rebuff. / Changing the Pet Filter would influence too many items in the game, which could damage the game massively.’

The response from Gala Lab sounds to us as if it was clear from the get-go that changes to the Pet Filter could not be made. This, to us, poses the question whether Piccolo checked the possibility of changes prior to his survey with the developer? It would have saved the community a lot of work and prevented false hopes from rising. But that is just a remark on the sidelines.

The course of action for other questions concerning the FlyFF pets is uncertain

The pet filter is another matter altogether, looking at the problems that pets have in general. One of the biggest points of critique, among others, is the way too low movement and pick-up speed of the pets. Piccolo had a statement on this matter as well.

The conversation reads:
Ravina: ‘The speed of the pets will probably not be raised either, then?’
[GM]Piccolo: ‘Ah, concerning the pet speed, the answer I received was a ‘we will check’ and then, nothing followed.’

At least no clear ‘no’ has been given by Gala Lab for this particular question. Theoretically, it should be possible to adjust the movement speed of the pets. With the breeding pets, this already worked. They adjust their speed to the character’s speed. We presume Gala would have to change every pet individually, as with the items. However, compared to the whole of over 9,000 items, this should be within the realms of possibility.

What do you think about the outcome of this survey? Would you rather see an adjustment made to the movement speed of the pets rather than changes to the Pet Filter? But the more important question… how are Aibatts able to see while attending a pirate theme party with eye patches being mandatory? Feel free to leave us a comment!