Past Monday, we reported on WEBZEN’s newly released guidelines for reporting bugs. We want to take up this topic once more in today’s article and talk about a bug in FlyFF which players use to their own advantage: bead-stacking.

With the help of this bug, the beads of buff-pets get abused in such a way that their status effects add up to the character stats multiple times. This way, the status effects can be ‘stacked’ up until infinity.

Bead-stacking can be tracked in FlyFF log files

This glitch has caused furore among the FlyFF communities for the longest time. Done right, high-level boss monsters can be one-shotted in PvE; but in Guild Siege – or in PvP generally – this glitch has also caused a great amount of distress.

On the English FlyFF Discord server, the topic has been discussed a lot in the past and been brought up to the Game Masters as a complaint. A little while ago, Klaig spoke up about the topic and gave the players reason for hope. Although there does not seem to be a final fix on the horizon, the bug users can be beared down on a bit better now. According to his statement, the customer support is able to identify misuse caused by bead-stacking with the help of the FlyFF log files.

Correctly reporting bead-stacking to the FlyFF customer support

In his Discord statement, Klaig shortly explains how to report cases of bead-stacking to the FlyFF support team. Especially the time of the misuse seems to be important. Sadly, the remarks still remain a bit vague. For example, no hint was given as to which ticket category should be used for such reports.

We have thought about this a bit and collected some bullet points which might be helpful with a report to the FlyFF customer support.

  • Ticket category: FlyFF > Player Misconduct
  • General description of the incident
  • Name of the player in question
  • Time of the incident as precisely as possible (date and time – do not forget to mention your timezone)

What do you think about these prospects? It might not be a direct fix for bead-stacking, but we at least have hopes of overthrowing the delinquents using it now. For FlyFF’s standards, this is a huge step forward as far as we are concerned.

We are curious about your thoughts, so feel free to leave us a comment!