At the end of February and the beginning of March, PlayPark FlyFF was an ever-present topic on our Blog. The launch of the Filipino Speed Server was close and the FlyFF community was excited to get to know what it was all about, and how it could change the gameplay of FlyFF.

The first of the two seasons has already finished and the second has begun not too long ago. We would like to take the opportunity for a little retrospective view on whether the Speed Server is really such a cool concept after all.

EXP/Drop rates and bonus drops from monsters

In our earlier articles, we compared the concept of the Speed Server with that of a private server. Due to the 25x EXP and 10x drop rate, it sporadically felt much the same. Neat little bonus drops in the form of power-ups dropped by monsters starting level 30 play their part as well.

Being used to the time-consuming and strenuous grind in the normal version makes the ‘features’ of the Speed Server look all the more enticing. But, as is often the case with private servers as well, these features have their pitfalls.

Where the time-consuming work towards certain goals leaves players with a sense of achievement at the end, the shortcuts on the Speed Server render this sense mute. From a pure PvE standpoint, we found no lure that could hold us on the Speed Server for long.

PvP on the PlayPark FlyFF Speed Server

Upon taking a closer look at the specifications of the Meteonyker Speed Server, it becomes clear the the focus is not set on PvE at all. The daily Guild Siege gives us a good idea of where the journey is supposed to be taking us. But what exactly does the Guild Siege on Meteonyker look like?

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Fundamentally, the Guild Siege on the Speed Server is not very different compared to ours. It is a mix of a trampoline park on crack and the Arcanists who hide inside statues and spam their AoE attacks in the hope of defeating players right after they respawn.

Other than that, it is much more crowded than one might be used to on our servers (which may just be due to the fact that no one is blocking free spots during the registration period). The active participation shines an attractive light on the Guild Siege; but there is just a single catch…

PlayPark FlyFF and the Speed Shop

Everyone is probably aware of the fact that PlayPark did not introduce this Speed Server out of pure altruism. Naturally, a financial interest was at the forefront of their train of thought. Unfortunately, this interest has been placed right on what most players deem most important: the PvP.

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It is already well-known that the FlyFF Cash Shop does not only offer cosmetics or aids for upgrading equipment. Fashion sets, cloaks and masks with certain stats have been around for a long time. The Speed Shop by PlayPark goes an extra mile and offers, among other things, a complete accessory set we would usually have to spend a lot of Penya on and/or work hard for within certain events. As such, the Guild Siege has primarily been spoilt to a pay-2-win carnage.


The Meteonyker Speed Server by PlayPark FlyFF has an interesting concept at its core. Sadly, the cash grab aspect weighs heavily at the forefront. Attractive rewards for the highest players in the rankings very much bribe players into taking advantage of the offers on the Speed Shop. Unfortunately, players cannot enjoy their newly bought items for very long, since they are only available during the active season.

The PvE aspect, from our humble point of view, suffers a lot due to the pServer-resembling ‘features’. They very quickly lead to a usually grind-heavy game losing its charms.

Interesting concept, realisation too capitalistic.

Did you play actively on the Speed Server? What are your impressions? How did you experience the PvP and PvE aspects? What are your thoughts on the Cash Shop linked in with the temporary availability due to the season concept? But, more importantly… how does a Clockworks actually deal with the pesky daylight saving time? Let us know in the comments!