The last scheduled maintenance brought us around 150 new patched files. We already knew the ‘FlyFF Halloween Event 2019’ was about to launch. A total of 150 new patched files seemed unlikely for a single event, though. So we became curious and took a closer look into the FlyFF client again.

We found a bunch of new items that had been added during this maintenance. Four new fashion sets for male and female characters each, a pet and a mount. Well… maybe ‘new’ is not right term for what we found.

Old items, new colouring

This occurence is similiar to our ‘Blood Dragon Set’ leak from August earlier this year. They just repaint existing items and sell them as new ones. To be fair, some of them might look pretty cool. It doesn’t change the fact that these are just recycled items with new colouring, though.

Furthermore, it came to our attention that there are no German or English item names in our FlyFF versions for these new items, yet. Inside the item database they’re headlined by a Korean comment, saying ‘필리핀 11월 신규 의상’. According to ‘Google Translate’ it means something like: ‘Philippines November New Costumes’. Maybe they’re going to be PlayPark FlyFF exclusive?

Currently the ‘Black Wedding Set’, which is one these new fashion sets, is on sale as a limited offer in PlayPark’s Cash Shop. Does that mean Gala released them for the Philippine market only?

Overview of the new FlyFF items

Blue / Red Casual Set

Black Wedding Set

Purple Gothic Set

Neo Hip-Hop / Neo Workout Set

Pets und Fluggeräte