The Filipino publisher PlayPark has surprised us with a leak or two coming from their own FlyFF version in the past. This happened, amongst other things, with the update to the “Fashion Fusion” system and the leak of the “Blood Dragon Sets”.

A clever user on the English FlyFF Discord server made another leak happen just yesterday. Apparently, the next tier of piercing cards is already available in PlayPark FlyFF. We took one step further and sent our IT dude to search for any related data inside of our version’s FlyFF client.

‘Fire Card(SR)’ discovered in PlayPark FlyFF

Credits for this discovery are due to a user on the English FlyFF Discord server by the name of Bernard. He posted a screenshot of the ‘Fire Card(SR)’ inside the Filipino FlyFF version and tagged the Game Masters within a question concerning the legitimacy of this screenshot.

The excitement on the players’ side was rather restrained. The mere thought of having to disassemble the just finished equipment to put new piercing cards in does not seem to spark joy in many. One should not be surprised by this, seeing as it usually involves a lot of time and money.

But rumours have already begun to appear. These doubt whether the new cards are actually implemented into the game already outside of the Filipino version. GM Klaig himself seemed rather surprised by the fact that PlayPark FlyFF has these piercing cards available despite of their still outdated version.

It was the last statement by user Thelostrune in particular which made us curious. So we sent forth our IT dude into the depths of the FlyFF clients.

Make way for IT dude!

One of the nicest technical aspects of FlyFF is the fact that almost all of the game data can be found directly inside the client. Granted, they are usually confined within the .res files, but cracking those open proves to be a rather easy feat.

Among other data, the complete item database can be found within the FlyFF client. And, surprise surprise, our IT dude found the new piercing cards within our FlyFF versions as well. Even English flavour text for the cards is already present.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018785 Fire Baruna Card (SR)
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018786 Grants +18 STR and +8% Critical Damage when applied to a pierced weapon or shield.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018787 Water Baruna Card (SR)
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018788 Grants +18 INT and -8% Casting Time when applied to a pierced weapon or shield.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018789 Electric Baruna Card (SR)
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018790 Grants +18 DEX and +8% Critical Hit Rate when applied to a pierced weapon or shield.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018791 Land Baruna Card (SR)
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018792 Grants +18 STA and +8% HP when applied to a pierced weapon or shield.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018793 Volcano Baruna Card 15%
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018794 Grants +15% HP when placed in a pierced suit.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018795 Ocean Baruna Card 15%
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018796 Grants +15% MP when placed in a pierced suit.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018797 Vacuum Baruna Card 15%
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018798 Grants +15% FP when placed in a pierced suit.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018799 Lightning Baruna Card 15%
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018800 Grants +15% Attack when placed in a pierced suit.

IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018801 Earthquake Baruna Card 15%
IDS_PROPITEM_TXT_018802 Grants +15% Defense when placed in a pierced suit.

FlyFF US Client – dataSub2.res – propItem.txt.txt

New FlyFF Piercing Cards only available for Baruna equipment?

Comparing the screenshot of PlayPark FlyFF with the names of the new piercing cards listed in our version, one thing seems to be amiss. The names of all of our cards contain the word ‘Baruna’. Could it be that these piercing cards are solely meant for Baruna equipment? This would be interesting, considering the fact that it might bring more attention to the otherwise disregarded Baruna items. We remain eager to see what the future holds in store.

What do you think about the new piercing cards? Were you already able to boost your equipment with R / 12% cards? Is the absolute last thing you want to see new piercing cards? How do you feel about the new cards possibly only being available for Baruna items? But, more importantly… do Murans use a particular brand of hair conditioner to keep their tail all fluffy? Feel free to leave us a comment!