The Filipino FlyFF publisher – PlayPark – has surprised us time and time again with their unconventional concepts during the last one and a half years. They started their version of FlyFF on a seemingly outdated footing compared to ours, for example. In reality, they only left out a few features in order to simulate artifical content progression.

But even their Lord Pang server follows a new concept, which we would most likely compare to a ‘FlyFF Classic’ version.

PlayPark FlyFF is granted a new server

Upon the discovery of Lord Pang, Meteonyker quickly planned to invade the peaceful land of Roika and turn it into his empire. With his unstoppable fire magic that can forge epic weapons and a roar that can level a city, he comes to claim all we hold dear. Roikan heroes, will you accept this quest?

These words greet us upon discovering the announcement article by PlayPark. What exactly is the deal with this new server, though? Is there a new concept waiting for the players yet again, as with the Lord Pang server?

Is PlayPark FlyFF trying out a pServer concept?

Admittedly, the title of this blog entry reeks just a little bit of clickbait. One look at the official announcement validates the question, though. The new Meteonyker server will house the following features:

  • x25 EXP
  • x15 Drop
  • x10 Penya
  • x25 Raised Pet EXP (Create an S Class pet quickly)
  • Max-Level: 170
  • 3rd Job
  • PK Server (1 channel only)
  • Speed Shop (P1 Sale every day)
  • Some Premium Items can be dropped by monsters
  • Awakening System
  • Card Socket Upgrade
  • Open All Dungeons
  • Daily Guild Siege
  • 3x a week Secret Room
  • 1v1 Guild Siege
  • v18 Scenario Questline

Many of these features evoke the feeling of having stumbled upon a pServer at first glance. Upon taking a closer look, a certain concept solidifies itself, though.

Is PlayPark FlyFF starting a sort of ‘season concept’?

Next to this list of interesting features, the announcement by PlayPark has even more information at the ready, which signals towards a definitive concept.

On the one hand, there is the lifespan. The server is planned as anything but a permanent service, being made available only for barely 3 months (from 03/04/2020 until 05/27/2020). After this timeframe, all progress on this server will be deleted.

On the other hand, there is something to be won. Participants of this whole speed event are able to obtain new and exclusive items for the ‘normal’ servers Rhisis and Lord Pang. These items seem to be completely new weapons and a new Fashion Set by all appearances.

Our opinion concerning PlayPark’s new server project

PlayPark has done it again and made it possible to put a new playing experience into FlyFF at little technical expense. Whether the concept is really a sort of ‘season concept’ – and whether this approach will be liked by the players – remains to be seen. The idea intrigues us, however.

The new items waiting to be obtained are even more interesting, however: the ‘Devil Weapons’ and the ‘Meteonyker Set (6/6)’.
Currently, we were unable to find anything about these inside the FlyFF clients. Since the ‘Meteonyker Set’ is apparently a six-piece set, we are putting our bets on a recoloured version of the Dragon King Set.

Update: 02/27/2020 – 6:46 p.m. (UTC)

On the release day of this article, PlayPark shared closer details of the ‘Devil Weapons’ and the ‘Meteonyker Set’. The ‘Devil Weapons’ are a recoulored version of the Bloody Weapons. The ‘Meteonyker Set’ is – as suspected before – a sort of Dragon King Set. Suprisingly, however, Gala Lab donated a completely new design.

Want to know even more?

The German YouTuber and Livestreamer Pwnance has released a podcast on the topic today. We were his guests and delved even deeper into this topic and its implications. Should you want to hear more about this topic and be fluent in German, feel free to check out the Podcast!

What do you think about PlayPark’s new server project? Would you like something similar for our FlyFF versions? Do you believe that a season concept in this form could work for FlyFF? But, more importantly… what does the Meteonyker do if it’s itching under the metal mask? Feel free to leave us a comment!