One of our highlights from last week was the leak of the ‘Blood Dragon Sets’. Thanks to the Filipino publisher PlayPark, we were able to gather all details concerning the new sets already.

Today, news of PlayPark made us question once again whether their updates are coming to our servers as well. This time, it is not about new items, but about the ‘Fashion Fusion’. In the Filipino version of FlyFF, this feature was granted an interesting update.

The ‘Dark Princess Set’ as part of the Fashion Fusion

One of the biggest plus points to the ‘Fashion Fusion’ mechanic is the chance to gain one of the three different ‘Dragon King Sets’. Today, the Filipino publisher PlayPark announced an update to the ‘Fashion Fusion’ and added the ‘Dark Princess Set’ to it.

The ‘Costumes of Kings’, as they are called over here, are currently part of the most expensive and best fashion sets available in the game. Up until now, getting them outside of a sale was impossible. This update might break the circle. It would be the first time a ‘Costume of Kings’ is appearing outside of a weekly sale. But, that aside, it would also be the first time for it to be available outside of the Cash Shop.

Will this update be heading to our servers as well?

That is the big question. Will we be able to profit from this update soon – or already? Normally, Gala Lab should be providing the same version of FlyFF to the different publishers. Exceptions to this usually concern minimalistic adjustments exclusively designed for the single publisher. This should technically not be the case for a whole game feature.

Whether this update is heading towards our servers is something we cannot say for certain. The client files did not tell us much about this update in general. We assume that game features like this are implemented server-side and are not to be found in the client. We continue to be curios.

What do you think about this update to the Filipino version of FlyFF? Would you like the ‘Dark Princess Set’ to be part of our ‘Fashion Fusion’ as well? Do you use the ‘Fashion Fusion’ feature actively or is it something you could live without entirely? Feel free to leave us a comment on the matter!