Last week saw us writing an article about the speed server of the Filipino FlyFF publisher, PlayPark, already. At that point, however, little official information on the server was to be found. By now, PlayPark has released further details on the mechanics of their new server.

As already presumed in the last article on this topic – and also in the podcast with Pwnance -, the ‘The Rise of Meteonyker’ update is in fact a season concept. In this Blog entry, we will be outlining everything you need to know.

Daily Guild Siege as basis for ranking

The speed server ‘Meteonyker’ will be available starting 03/04/2020 and run until 05/27/2020. During this perioud, two seasons will be taking place. The first season will be running from 03/09/2020 until 04/12/2020. The second season is planned from 04/20/2020 until 05/24/2020.

During this timeframe, players can hunt for points during the daily Guild Siege, which will be cumulated in a ranking. At the end of a season, the guild with the most points will be declared as a winner and is then eligible to obtain attractive rewards for the permanent servers (Rhisis and Lord Pang).

Besides the general ranking for guilds, a few other rankings exist. The best players of the respective eight classes are also eligible for prices at the end of the season. Additionally, a further ranking for the most active guilds in the daily Guild Siege is present.

Are the prices exclusive to Guild Siege players?

The most interesting prices ought to be the ‘Devil Weapons’ and the ‘Metonyker Set’. The biggest focus of this season, however, is on the daily Guild Siege. Does that mean only active PvP players have a chance at winning the prices? Luckily, that will not be the case, as PlayPark has thought of something for the PvE players as well.

Bosses of the instanced dungeons (and a few World Bosses) will be dropping certain quest items regularly. These items can then be traded in for ‘Devil Weapon Badges’ and ‘Meteonyker Badges’. These badges grant pure PvE players a chance to get a hold of the new weapons and sets as well.

What are your thoughts on the season concept of PlayPark FlyFF? Do you think that they have found a good solution for the rankings? Will you be trying out the new Meteonyker server and its two seasons? But, more importantly… do Nyangnyangs wear that scant silk tanga even in winter? Feel free to leave us a comment!