We can still remember the second half of the past year pretty well. The Filipino FlyFF version – by publisher PlayPark – was quite new and we were always excited when they implemented any sort of new item which we never had in our version.

In most cases, said items turned out to be recoloured fashion sets, pets, or flying mounts. After a while, all of it lost its charm for us and we ended up talking about such newly added items less and less.


Be that as it may, we never stopped casting sidelong glances at PlayPark FlyFF. But we ended up limiting our articles on the South East Asian FlyFF version to primarily focus on happenings and developments we thought interesting. Today, we delve into such an interesting happening.

PlayPark FlyFF presents new sunglasses

Normally, one would think that news of this kind should not be particularly newsworthy. Within their current ‘Summer Fun Event’, players can trade in farmable quest items for the usual box containing a plethora of items, but granting only one of those at random when opened. Besides power-ups and fashion sets, these boxes contain new statted masks in the form of sunglasses.

PlayPark FlyFF has got new statted sunglasses, so what?

Are new sunglasses really worth a mention? Not necessarily. One detail of these new sunglasses is particularly interesting, however: they are job-specific. Every 2nd job receives their own variant only wearable by that specific job. This is a first in the history of FlyFF. Up until now, it has never happened that masks were locked to certain classes.

The new ‘Summer Sunglasses’ in detail

Blade Summer Sunglasses
  • Attack +12%
  • Critical Hit Chance 12%
  • Hit Rate +15%
  • PvP Damage Absorb +30%
Knight Summer Sunglasses
  • Attack Speed +15%
  • Attack +12%
  • Critical Damage +12%
  • PvP Damage Absorb +30%
Billposter Summer Sunglasses
  • HP +12%
  • Decrease Casting Time +10%
  • Range Block +10%
  • PvP Damage Absorb +20%
Ringmaster Summer Sunglasses
  • HP +12%
  • Damage Reflect +50%
  • INT +15
  • PvP Damage Absorb +20%
Psykeeper Summer Sunglasses
  • MP +20%
  • Decrease Casting Time +15%
  • INT +10
  • PvP Damage Absorb +40%
Elementor Summer Sunglasses
  • Decrease Casting Time +15%
  • INT +12
  • Magical Attack +210
  • PvP Damage Absorb +40%
Jester Summer Sunglasses
  • Attack +12%
  • STR +10
  • Yoyo Damage +310
  • PvP Damage Absorb +50%
Ranger Summer Sunglasses
  • Attack Speed +10%
  • Critical Damage +12%
  • Bow Damage +210
  • PvP Damage Absorb +50%

How far the effects actually make sense for the individual jobs is something we will leave untouched. We did not concern ourselves too much with them. However, we should keep in mind that we have a completely different meta gameplay that the FlyFF players in Asia do. This makes for a perfect segway to our cardinal question.

Will these sunglasses be coming to us as well?

We cannot answer this question for certain, of course. We are not able to peek into Gala Lab’s heads, after all. But, based on some indicators, we are able to speculate a bit.

Over at PlayPark, these sunglasses are part of their ‘Summer Fun Event’. The question at hand, of course, is whether this event will be coming to our version as well; and whether it will be exactly the same as PlayPark’s. We took a look at the entry for their ‘Summer Box 2020′ inside the FlyFF client. The identifier is what is striking:

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist flyff-th-summer-event-frog-set-1024x574.jpg
Source: https://youtu.be/8KInc6fdH0E

The suffix _PH_2020 signals an affiliation with the Filipino version. Or, put more directly: it was designed specifically for the Filipino version. The same phenomenon can be observed within the Thai version. There, the ‘Summer Box 2020’ also received its own suffix for Thailand (TH). However, their grand prize is a statted ‘Frog Set’ instead of the ‘Summer Sunglasses’.

Should the ‘Summer Fun Event’ be coming over to us as well, we are likely not going to be receiving the same event box as the PH or TH versions. That does not necessarily mean that the sunglasses will not be released in our version. Contrary to the event boxes, the identifiers of the sunglasses do not contain a country-specific suffix. As such, we cannot rule out the possibility of these items washing up on our shore sometime in the future.

What do you think about job-specific masks in FlyFF? Is that an interesting topic in your eyes? Would you like these ‘Summer Sunglasses’ to come to our version as well? What should such masks look like? But, more importantly… How much mushroom soup could you hypothetically cook with a single Giant Mushpang? Let us know in the comments!