The current PK system is no longer limited to the former PK servers since the first phases of the server merge. In case of our US server Lykan, pure PvE players also have the questionable honour of trying out the PK system on a separate channel (3).

Some bloody wankers have found a way to abuse the PK system in their favour and hurt unknowing players in the process. This article is meant to warn players, as well as clarifying them.

The method has been more or less known for a while. It has been used on the server Lykan shortly after the server merge which brought the PK system to a pure PvE server.

Yesterday evening, a player on the German FlyFF Discord server came out as a victim of this scam, which moved us to write this article.

What is the PK system?

The ‘Player Kill’ system is a PvP mechanic which is neither a type of weekly event (like the Guild Siege) nor restricted to a certain area (like the PvP arena). It takes place all across the world of FlyFF and can be described as a sort of ‘bounty system’.

How does the PK system function?

Similar to the PvP arena, players can be attacked and killed. Contrary to the arena, this can be done all over Madrigal.

Killing ‘innocent’ players has a bunch of disadvantages though. One of them is gathering negative disposition points. These negative disposition points disable the ability to fly, to access one’s own bank or interact with NPCs.

Depending on how many negative disposition points one has gathered, the possibility arises to drop items and equipment upon being killed by other players. Which leads us to the scam method said bloody wankers have thought of.

How can one be scammed via the PK system?

The main targets of these scammers are new or inexperienced players. They will be messaged and asked for help, usually under the pretence of a trite matter, for example, help with a PvP title which can allegedly only be earned on the PK channel.

The victim will be lured to the PK channel and asked to kill the scammer multiple times in order to build up negative disposition points. During this, the victim is being kept in the dark about the consequences of the negative disposition points they are gathering.

Once enough negative disposition points have been gathered, the scammer turns the tables and begins killing his victim, with his sights set on the items or equipment that might drop. Needless to say, the scammer will not be returning these items.

This way, the victim is downright being farmed until nothing is left to gain. Due to the negative disposition points, the victim is all but being forced to stay on the PK channel, there being only two ways to get rid of the points. This can be done by either completing a long and elaborate quest line on the PK channel or by using actual money and buying a ‘Scroll of Atonement’ from the Cash Shop.

What can be done against these kinds of PK scammers?

‘Legally’ taking action against these scammers should prove difficult. We do not believe WEBZEN would replace the items in such a case. After all, they have switched owners due to an intended gameplay mechanic. The only questionable aspect is the false pretence of the scammer, with which he lured unknowing players to the PK channel. We doubt that more than a warning would be issued.

For these reasons, we can only urge you to stay away from the PK channel. Do not let yourself be lured there under any pretence and do not kill any players if you have valuable items in your inventory or equipped.

What do you think about all of this? Have you fallen victim to this PK scam method before? Do you believe the unknowing victims are to be held responsible for their misery? Feel free to discuss in the comments!