One of the most controversial events in all of FlyFF is the ‘Secret Drop’ event. During its runtime, which has spanned one to two weeks in past instances, monsters have the chance of randomly dropping a wide variety of valuable items. Among these items are a great number of Cash Shop items, which is why the Secret Drop event is technically very popular among players.

However, there is a massive disadvantage concerning this event, because it is not as ‘secret’ as its name implies. The possible drops – and which monsters will have them at what times – follow a preset pattern, which has not changed in the past. Many players who actively farm this event have created lists for themselves, which allow them to route out a path to maximum efficiency and profit. These circumstances have led to huge resentments among the community, since casual players are almost completely unable to nab some of the sought after drops themselves.

Even uttering the name ‘Secret Drop’ can lead to an uproar among the FlyFF players nowadays. Recently, there have been a few talks about this topic on the official German FlyFF Discord server. This is probably fuelled by the fact that in Germany, summer vacation is close and in the past, this vacation has been used as a general timeframe to activate the event in. The German players even go so far as to call it ‘the event that must not be named’.

The complaints seem to have been heard however. [GM] Piccolo has commented on the topic on the German Discord server and said the following:

[GM] Piccolo’s statement regarding the future of the Secret Drop event on the official German FlyFF Discord server reads as follows: ‘The event that must not be named will be retired’

The Secret Drop event being retired undoubtedly shows that we will not see it again in the future. We as long-time passionate FlyFF players welcome this decision. The event as it is currently does not fit the intended concept in the slightest. In the end it amounts to the same few players taking a huge advantage of this event whenever it goes live.

What is your opinion on this development? Do you welcome the Secret Drop event being permanently discarded or would you like to see it again this year? Let us know in the comments!