During the FlyFF server maintenance on 09/03/2019, developer ‘Gala Lab’ fixed some bugs behind the curtains. Among them, problems with the weekly Guild Siege were addressed. According to community feedback, problems with the couple system were fixed as well. This system saw a bug where the time needed to reach the next couple level was drastically increased.

But as is often the case, a bug fix does not come without new bugs. This case is no different.

Missing FlyFF NPC in Flaris

It probably did not attract any attention, because no one actively tries to change in their 12% cards for 15% Baruna cards. Either way, the corresponding NPC is no longer at their usual place. Normally, the NPC should be located directly next to the Buff Pang in Flaris. Since last server maintenance, searching for them at that spot has become futile.

PvP Arena bug causing permanent disconnect

While the missing NPC is a rather harmless bug, another bug is to be taken more seriously. On the English Discord server, players of the server Clockworks have complained multiple times about a bug occurring upon entering the PvP Arena. During the map change, players seem to disconnect and are stuck between maps with their characters. Being stuck there leads to them permanently losing their connection to the game upon trying to log in.

According to a statement from the Game Masters, this problem has been brought to the developer ‘Gala Lab’s attention. Currently, an exceptional maintenance is anticipated, aimed at fixing the problem. Luckily, this bug only seems to occur on the EU server Clockworks.

What do you think about the current situation? Do you already miss the Baruna card NPC? Did you come across the Arena bug in the FlyFF US version? Should you have additional information or experiences, please do leave us a comment.