On last week’s Tuesday, several new things were patched to our FlyFF version during the scheduled server maintenance. We already reported on the client-side changes we were able to find in these patches.

It seems there were some server-side changes as well. Yesterday, we published an article talking about an update made to the ‘Fashion Fusion’, implemented in the Filipino FlyFF version. Could we have made an oversight on some more changes?

New chat command or has it been there all this time?

To be honest, we are a little bit unsure about this one. We stumbled upon a chat command unknown to us by chance. Accordingly, we asked ourselves whether this command had been there before or if it had been added to the game quietly. Since none of our team members knew of this command beforehand, we assume it to be a new chat command.

/shoutrefuse and /shoutagree – What exactly do these commands do?

The functionality of these two commands is rather unspectacular. ‘/shoutrefuse’ blocks the display of all shouts. ‘/shoutagree’ lifts this block. Relogging will lift the block as well (similarly to the ‘/ignore’ command).

From our point of view, much more could have been done with these commands. For example, blocking shouts from specific players would have been interesting. We all know players who have a shop open ingame 24/7 and spam the shout-chat with their stuff via macro. How nice would it be to be able to filter out these individual players? The ‘/ignore’ command sadly does not apply to shouts, after all.

What do you think about this command? As we said already, we think it to be rather unspectacular. We primarily featured this news in the blog because, seemingly, changes were applied to FlyFF once again without showing up in the patch notes. But we look forward to your thoughts about this change regardless.