Things can go wrong. Everyone who plays FlyFF for a longer time will sooner or later catch on to that fact. This normally shows itself in grammatical errors, or with server maintenances bringing new bugs to the game; an NPC might go missing here and there as well. The list goes on and every instance on it is usually a cause for concern.

Yesterday, one of these ‘Oops’ moments happened yet again. Surprisingly though, it is not all that bad – at least not for the players.

‘Make It Rain’ event sighted on the FlyFF EU server

On the English FlyFF Discord server, some players reported strange happenings on the EU server ‘Clockworks’. Apperently, a ‘Make It Rain’ event has been started there without notice – or rather, by mistake. After all, there has been no announcement concerning such an event and the Game Masters did not react to any questions on the topic.

Early evening, a few bits of information came through after all. FlyFF GM Klaig stated, upon further inquiries by the players, that the event was started early by mistake on the server ‘Clockworks’. The original plan was to start the ‘Make It Rain’ event coming weekend on all servers.

What is the ‘Make It Rain’ event?

The ‘Make It Rain’ event is a type of mini-event which usually lasts over the course of one weekend. Contrary to the typical farm events – which we last saw with the ‘Music Festival’ event – event items do not need to be tediously farmed and then traded in with an NPC. During the course of the ‘Make It Rain’ event, you can farm as you normally would and the rewards will be dropped directly by the monsters. We last saw an event of this drop type with the ‘Macaroon Rain Event’.

Which rewards will be available during this ‘Make It Rain’ event?

An official statement is yet to be issued. Some players of the EU server ‘Clockworks’, however, reported ‘Ice Flake’ drops. There are three different versions of these power-ups. They can heighten Attack Speed, Movement Speed or Jump Height.

Ice flakes (Strawberry)Attack Speed +20% (3 min)
Ice flakes (Lemon)Movement Speed +20% (3 min)
Ice flakes (Blue Hawaii)Jump Height +150 (3 min)

According to Klaig, an official statement concerning this event is set to be released. Then, we will be able to gather detailed information and write a separate event article. Until that happens, though, we will have to make due with these hot leaks.

What do you think about this story? Isn’t it a breath of fresh air for WEBZEN to goof and not have it be negative for us players? How do you like the ‘Make It Rain’ event? Are the ‘Ice Flakes’ desirable drops and will you be farming them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!