Do you remember who Tiasess is? Barely there, he hosts terrible monster invasions and has a compulsive need for self-portrayal, not unlike the project leader of our German namesake site, Tacota (the title ‘project leader’ is truly important to him).

During the last couple of days, we have encountered a few hints towards Tiasess not being a FlyFF Moderator any longer. Did he really leave the WEBZEN team? Was he kicked out? We will try to shed some light on the situation.

Hint #01: The FlyFF Discord server

A few days ago, we received a comment on our column ‘MODs and the thin line leading to the abuse of power’. This article of ours also mentioned an incident involving Tiasess on the US servers.

To properly react to the comment, we dug through the English FlyFF Discord server to relive the conversation in question as a whole. It was then we noticed that Tiasess no longer has the Moderator role on the Discord server. The German FlyFF Discord server showed the same results.

Hint #02: The FlyFF forums

The findings from the FlyFF Discord server made us suspicious, so we took a look at the official forums. They are home to a pinned thread containing an up-to-date list of the current Moderators. The German, as well as the English thread, were edited just last Sunday by Amenofus. Tiasess, however, is no longer to be found on the lists.

One thing strikes us as curious, however: Tiasess’ account on the forums does not seem to be suspended. Could he still be a Moderator for WEBZEN after all? Looking at his last activity listed – 12/24/2018 – probably speaks otherwise.


We are unable to make a clear statement on the matter from what we have gathered. But we will not go to the trouble of asking WEBZEN directly, either. After all, the only answer we are sure to get would probably be ‘We will not disclose any information on this matter’.

Essentially, there are only three options that could apply here:

  • Tiasess left the team on his own accord
  • Tiasses has been kicked out of the team
  • He transferred to another game

As of now, we are left to speculate. Which version do you believe to be most likely? Feel free to let us know in the comments!