The server merge was one of the hottest topics back in 2018. This was probably due to the fact that it was still uncertain whether the merge would really happen at that point.

On December 18th, 2018 the long-awaited announcement was made. The server merge was officially announced for 2019 and presented alongside a detailed plan consisting of several phases. The first phase was executed successfully on February 26th, 2019 and Lykan, Kargo and Yetti became one server.

Since then silence has reigned concerning the topic. There had been confusion and outcries here and there, because [GM] Piccolo had mentioned on the German FlyFF Discord server that a fusion between the remaining two German servers, Murano and Devos, was not set in stone. [GM] Klaig rectified this a little while later while posting on the English Discord server that the goal is still to reduce the amount of servers in their respective region (DE, EU, FR, US) to a single server. The database team is currently busy with other tasks however, as he stated, which is why the server merge for FlyFF is going to be pushed back a little further.

It was an occurrence on the German FlyFF Discord server that led me to write this article today though. [GM] Piccolo asked the players, if anyone had a medium guildhouse on the server Murano.

Is this a hint towards the coming server merge?
Is this a hint towards the coming server merge? It reads: ‘Good morning / @here Does anyone have a medium guildhouse on Murano?’

Attentive members of the German Discord server might experience a feeling of déjà vu at this point, because this very question had been posed shortly before the first merge as well, presumably as a part of the migration test concerning guildhouses.

So could it be that the next phase of the server merge is upon us? …Sadly, this is not the case.

Granted, the title of this article seeps with clickbait, although the train of thought is comprehensible, as shown above. The resolution to this was found on the English Discord server however. There [GM] Piccolo had posed the same question to the English community, but with more context. For a long time 2nd Grade Teleporters could not be placed on specific servers. Gala Lab seems to have prepared and released a patch to solve this problem. This was [GM]Piccolo’s way of asking the players whether issues with guild furniture still existed.

According to a statement made by a player from the US server Tanuki there seem to be no more problems with placing the 2nd Grade Teleporter. What’s it like for you? Were you affected by this bug? Has the problem been solved for you as well or do you still have trouble placing certain guild furniture? Leave us a comment!