For many active players and guilds, the Guild Siege is the highlight of the week. Every Saturday evening, players of a server gather in Flaris. Their goal? The Guild Siege Arena. It has almost become a ritual at this point.

If problems occur around the Guild Siege, they are bound to become a known topic fast. Such a problem seems to be present currently. Up to this point, nobody had been sure whether it was a wanted change that had been made, or not. We kept an eye on the official channels and found an answer to this question.

What problem is present in Guild Siege currently?

During the past week, a regular server maintenance took place. The Guild Siege, however, did not receive a patch. At least, no announcement was made to indicate this. Only the currently running events were patched to the live servers (“Run of the Dumb Bull” and “Silver Hearts Event”). Yet, something had happened to the Guild Siege.

After the Guild Siege took place last Saturday, every version of FlyFF saw the same reports popping up. Something seems to be off. Up until recently, it had been possible to perform several interactions during the respawn phases. These included buffing oneself and activating new power-up items. Players who took part in the last Guild Siege were not able to perform these interactions anymore. The reports concerning this circumstance were seen across the English, German and French versions of FlyFF. The active Guild Siege players are experiencing discontent with the current situation.

Up until now, it had not been clear whether this change was deliberately made by the developers or if it was indeed a bug. After all, it would not be the first time for Gala Lab to implement changes to the game which are not being communicated to their publishers. The possibility of it being a bug can also not be denied.

WEBZEN sheds light on the problem concerning the Guild Siege

After several inquiries were made on the Discord server, [GM]Piccolo clarified the situation. He stated that he is not aware of this change being a deliberate one by Gala Lab. Therefore, WEBZEN is treating the problem as a bug and have forwarded it to Gala Lab.

Will this bug be fixed? We remain uncertain. WEBZEN seems to be a bit on the passive side concerning this one. Presumably, they are not sure themselves whether this problem is really a bug or not. The question of a possible change to the current circumstances remains unanswered. At least WEBZEN is treating them as a bug for now.

What are your thoughts on this change to the Guild Siege? Do you believe it to be a bug as well and want it to be redacted? Do you think Gala Lab made this change deliberately, to bring more balance to the Guild Siege? Leave us a comment below!