In the MMO industry – and even moreso concerning free-to-play MMO games – it is not uncommon for games to have an average runtime of but a few years. During this time, Game Masters regularly come and go. In over a decade of German FlyFF history, there were too many Game Masters to name, even for us. One exception to the short lifecycle of MMO games is not only FlyFF as a game itself: one of the Game Masters for German FlyFF still stands tall to this day.

Since 2006, [GM] Piccolo has been a party of the FlyFF team. Starting as a QA tester and translator, he rose up to be a Game Master for the German servers (late 2006), to support the Game Master at the time, [GM] Hachiko, in leading the German community.

Today – 12 years later – he commemorates his 12th anniversary as a team member of FlyFF, including his career at Gala Networks / WEBZEN, looking back wistfully at his past and joyous toward the future. Near the end of his melancholy words, he gives thanks to the people who made his journey possible. First and foremost us, the players, but also his colleagues and fellow Game Masters, who came and went with the years, even the moderators, of whom he thanked Amenofus in particular.

[LINK-PLATZHALTER] [GM] Piccolos 12th anniversary post on the official forum

We too would like to take this opportunity to thank Piccolo for his years of service to this community. It can be said without a doubt that he has influenced the community in general, but especially the German community, significantly. We look forward to many more years with FlyFF and also with Piccolo as our persevering German Game Master.