Last week, we were positively surprised by the amount of announcements made by WEBZEN concerning the German national holiday. We can barely remember the last time the announcement channel on the German Discord server has been burning as much as it did last week.

Noticeably, most of the announcements were made by Moderator Amenofus and not, as usual, by Piccolo. But even his comparatively more pleasing writing character was not able to change the fact that everything ended in a gigantic failure once again.

Flawed communication leads to massive frustration among FlyFF players

Although we were quite positively surprised by Amenofus’ two Monster Invasions on the German servers, he did fail considerably in terms of correct information sharing concerning the German EXP event. It all started with the start of the event last Thursday. At first, it was announced to start at 6:00 a.m. (UTC) in the morning. In the end, it started an hour late, at 7:00 a.m. (UTC). At this point, we thought nothing of it.

The catastrophe itself happened in the night from Sunday to Monday, when, at midnight (UTC), the event ended without further notice. The players, in turn, got rather upset. We can understand their sentiment all too well. Being kept by work from using the EXP event the week prior, some of our staff was looking forward to using the EXP event on Monday.

Amenofus did not seem to be particularly fond of this turn of events, either. On Monday morning, he communicated to the players, via the German Discord server, that his announcements were made fully trusting the information he had gotten from his superiors. Is he perhaps not at fault here?

Amenofus’ statement reads:
‘Those were my thoughts exactly…’ / ‘Concerning the announcement, I relied on the information that was given to me from above. Astonishing, how well that works… >__>’

FlyFF EXP Event was reactivated, yet not extended

After the EXP event had been cut off for the better of ten hours, GM Piccolo chimed in and, in in his familiar horrible way of writing, shed some light on the situation. According to him, it was planned to have the event end Sunday night; and he admitted to faulty communication. For that very reason, the EXP had been reactivated to have it run until the time that was announced originally.

[GM]Piccolo’s statements read:
‘Originally, the event was supposed to end at midnight last night. [It] was communicated different, so we added a few extra hours.’ / ‘The event ends tomorrow morning at 07:00 a.m. (UTC).’

The fact that the event had been suspended for ten hours was cast aside. No compensation of any sort was given. Pure incompetence showed its face once again.

What do you think about this topic? Do you believe compensation would have been apt for the temporary event absence? But, the more pressing question is… can Wheelem, with their seemingly mechanical exterior, squeak although they are made out of wood? Feel free to leave us a comment!