Last Sunday, a message from the German FlyFF guild Honour of the server Murano reached us through our form to suggest blog topics. They proudly told us about their new Tower Siege record and asked us whether we would be willing to devote an article to their achievement.

The current German FlyFF Tower Siege Record was shared by the guilds Mystical and StepZ of the German server Devos, sharing a time of 1:29. The guild Honour surpasses this time, clocking in the current German FlyFF record at 1:24.

Really just the German FlyFF record?

First of all, we would like to congratulate the guild Honour for their great performance. But another request by them has reached us as well. They would like to know how their new record compares internationally. We did a bit of research and put together our own little ranking.

Before showing our rankings off, we would like to issue a disclaimer. The research in general is on the tricky side, due to there not being an official place to go to for records. We were therefore only able to rely on what YouTube had to offer us. We have reached the following conclusion.

3FRMahtolle (Euphoria)sQwadra2:12

Apparently, congratulations are due twofold for Honour. It looks like the guild did not only break the German record; they also broke the international record of all FlyFF versions published by WEBZEN.

Have you tried achieving a record for the Tower Siege before? Do you perhaps know some guilds that performed with better times? Feel free to leave us a comment, should we have been mistaken somewhere or have overlooked something in our research.