And there it goes, our initially planned summer break. There are some news, however, that one just cannot let go by unnoticed. This rings especially true if these news concern things nobody expected to happen anymore.

In a news article on the Korean FlyFF website, developer Gala Lab talks about a planned version update: v22. Since the last update happened a few years ago, no one probably put their money on another version update anymore.


We would like to use this Blog article in order to provide a translation of the Korean announcement in question.

Translation of the Korean FlyFF v22 announcement

A world full of dreams beyond imagination!
FlyFF is a romantic RPG which lifts you up into the clouds.

First of all, we would like to bow down to and thank all of our customers who are showing so much interest and love for our game. We apologize for the delay of the v22 update.

Concerning said v22 update, which we are currently working on, I would like to give you a small preview.

Please note that this preview only exemplifies a rough direction in which we are moving with this update. Some of the topics touched upon here may be subject to change in the future, due to problems with the game’s system, or may be put off altogether.

Furthermore, the v22 update will not be released as a whole. As soon as the development of individual parts is finished, they will be published individually as well.

The following development points are currently on our agenda:

  • Additional payment for VIP beneficiaries and change of the monthly VIP rewards.
    • VIP rewards for customers since 2020 are in the works.
    • The specific elements of the current VIP rewards will be changed.
    • This change will be implemented starting August 2020. Further details will be provided in a seperate announcement.
  • Bug Fix – Baruna Runes were activated due to Reflect Damage.
    • This decision has been based upon countless discussions among the community, which have deemed this fact bothersome.
  • Bug Fix – Skills were still usable when a character was de-leveled below the necessary level needed to learn a skill.
    • This problem is currently being tested internally.
    • This update will be going live in some different countries before being implemented into the Korean version.
  • Guild Siege – Change of rewards.
    • We will be implementing stronger rewards for the Guild Siege.
    • For the time being, this change will – independently from other countries – be implemented in Korea only.
  • Level extension and a new dungeon.
    • The max character level will be raised from 170 to 190.
    • A new instanced dungeon will be added.
    • The new instanced dungeon will be home to monsters even stronger than those in the Mas Dungeon.
  • New Baruna equipment will be added.
    • Fitting the level cap increase and the new instanced dungeon, new Baruna equipment will be added.
  • ‘Baruna Grading System’ will be added.
    • Baruna equipment can be enhanced by utilising identical items.
  • Baruna Weapons will be piercable.
    • Socket Cards will be modified in order to work with Baruna Weapons.
    • However, the current system doesn’t allow Socket Cards and Runes to exist simultaneously in weapons. We are currently working on a solution for Baruna Weapons with already existing Runes.
  • Baruna two-hand weapon fusion.
    • We plan to implement the already known two-handed weapon fusion for Baruna weapons as well.

As mentioned before, these points are just ‘plans’ as of now. These plans could be subject to change in the future. Please also be aware of the fact that these current developments will be taking a huge amount of time.

Thank you.