Bug fixes seldom come without new bugs. We already reported on this matter in our Blog post on September 5th, 2019, detailing how the server maintenance on September 3rd brought a nasty bug into the game: the PvP Arena bug.

This bug saw a few players transported somewhere between the worlds upon entering the PvP Arena, leading to permanent connection losses when trying to log back in. During the emergency maintenance on September 6th, this bug was to be fixed.

Players keep turning up between FlyFF dimensions even after the maintenance

This bug was seemingly so grave that, just before the weekend, a server maintenance was scheduled solely to fix this bug. According to first statements from the WEBZEN team, restarting the client after the maintenance should be enough. But even after the supposed bug fix, characters kept getting stuck between the worlds while entering the PvP Arena. Just last Friday, Moderator Amenofus freed a player from their ominous fate.

This clarified the fact that the emergency maintenance alone did not achieve the desired goal.

FlyFF GMs give clue towards solving the problem

This Monday morning, an announcement was made on the FlyFF Discord servers. This announcement contains a clue towards the actions players have to take in order to get rid of the PvP Arena bug.

The developer Gala Lab seems to have taken the right course. The bug fix is already active serverside. The FlyFF maps, however, are also present locally in the players’ clients. Since the game probably primarily accesses the local map files inside the client, the changes will have to be applied there as well.

Short guide for the necessary steps

The announcement Piccolo has made is once again unclear and flawed (we are neither surprised nor amused). For that reason, we have summarised the necessary steps you have to take here.

  1. Open the directory of your FlyFF installation (e.g.: C:\Program Files\Webzen\FlyFF).
  2. You will find the ‘World’ folder there.
  3. Inside the ‘World’ folder, the ‘WdArena’ and ‘WdArena_1’ folders can be found.
  4. Delete these two folders and restart your FlyFF launcher.

What exactly happens when these actions are taken?

Upon every start-up of the FlyFF Launcher, the FlyFF installation is being checked for every data it needs to launch correctly. Should any data be missing during this check, it will be downloaded directly from the server. With deleting the two ‘WdArena’ folders, the game is being forced to re-download the corresponding data from the server. In this way, the most current and fixed version of the map is obtained.

Are you experiencing further problems or do you have feedback regarding this topic? Make sure to let us know in the comments!