In our FlyFF Weekly Recap, we take a look back at the week of 12/02/2019 to 12/08/2019. What happened in the game? Were there new patches? Were there news and developments from publisher WEBZEN? We summarize the events in this article.

From a technical point of view, the week went rather quietly. The EXP event was not ended prematurely for a change and beyond that, no catastrophes were to be seen. Inside the community, however, a bit if commotion showed itself.

Huge debate on ‘AFK farming’ via damage reflect was rekindled

The topic of AFK farming combined with damage reflect has already fuelled heated discussions in the past. Supporters argue with the fact that there are no external tools, such as macros or bot, being used. Instead, they are only using resources supplied to them by the game itself. Opponents of this method are stubborn in their views. To them, it is AFK farming, and that is forbidden per se.

We engaged with this topic once before in July of this year. It was a huge deal on the FlyFF Discord servers back then, too, and made for tense discussions. In the end, Moderator Amenofus clarified the situation around the damage reflect method on the German FlyFF Discord. As long as no external tools are being used, this method was not in violation of the official ruleset.

FlyFF GM Klaig seems to be of a different opinion

During the past week, this discussion emerged once more on the English FlyFF Discord server. This time around, it was GM Klaig who discussed the legality of this method with the community. Contrary to Amenofus, he seemed to believe that the DMG reflect method used for AFK farming is an offense to be punished with a ban. The community remained stalwart and even linked our article detailing the clarification by Amenofus.

At the end of this discussion, Klaig told the community that he would talk about the topic with the GM team and that an official statement would be made soon. Until then, this method was to be avoided.

The sentence has been passed

The promised statement was not far behind. The end result of the internal discussions was shared with the community on the FlyFF forums only a day later. No new insights were given, though. The announcement matches Moderator Amenofus’ statement from the German Discord server made in July 100%.

At least an official announcement concerning this topic is now existent. Even then, we keep asking ourselves why this had to be discussed yet again in such a grand manner when the regulations had already been passed on to the players half a year prior via the Moderators. We can hardly believe that such matters are decided on by Moderators alone. This should have been communicated in accord with WEBZEN half a year ago already.

Return of the FlyFF Gold Sellers

Image by Kim#5452 from

Some of you may remember these pesky fellows. With their level 1 vagrants and cryptic names, they put themselves right in the centre of Flarine and start spamming the chat with their Penya offers for sale. A long time ago, we believed that this problem had receded to the German servers. Now, they seem to be trying one more time on the US server.

Whether the Gold Sellers will become permanent residents of the server Aibatt or just a temporary venture is hard to determine. We can only hope that no one actually supports them by buying Penya for real money from them.