With everything happening all at once these last few weeks, we were unable to create a separate Blog entry for every new bit of information. For this very reason, we started our Newsticker. There, you can find the latest news in brief.

Since short news in such a Newsticker tend to sink into obscurity rather quickly and are then seemingly gone forever, we will recap everything that has happened over the course of the last week inside a weekly recap. This entry starts with the FlyFF recap of 11/25/2019 to 12/01/2019.

‘Legend of the Moon Rabbits’ – Another FlyFF event disaster?

The four Newsticker entries of the past week all came together because of one and the same topic: the ‘Legend of the Moon Rabbits’. With this event, our favourite publisher has once again shown its grandiose talent. Let us go through the announcements one by one.

Extremely low drop rate of the event items

To be honest, that statement is not really correct. The general drop rate of the event items was not aphrodisiac, but not extremely bad, either. The problem itself was the relation of the event items needed for trade-in rewards. Between 100 and 700 ‘Rice Cakes’ are needed for a single reward. This fact made farming the event downright agony and demotivated the players.

Drop rate adjustment #01

At least WEBZEN is still able to read and as such, took note of our, the paying mobs’, grudges. A reaction was initiated to counter the complaints in form of raising the drop rate. From our assessments and before/after comparisons, we believe the raise of the drop rate to have been at about 25%.

The communication of that fact came, on the other hand, right from the bottom drawer once again. GM Piccolo dropped it in passing in the #general channel on the English FlyFF Discord server. Reacting to questions from players on the German FlyFF Discord server, Moderator Amenofus revealed the information there as well. There was no official announcement made, however. Community Management and communication as we know them from WEBZEN.

Drop rate adjustment #02

Although the drop rate had already been raised, it made little difference. Some players did drop positive remarks about this adjustment, but the drop rate remained disproportionate to other farm events in the recent past. So, a day after the first adjustment of the drop rate, another one was made.

This time, we raced from one end of the extreme right into the other. Our own tests and comparisons showed an increase of about 650% in the drop rate. This may seem like an excessive adjustment at first glance. In reality, the new drop rate fits the relation between quest rewards and needed event items well.

Furthermore, it was announced (and this time even in the Discord channel #announcements) that the ‘Rice Cakes’ can be obtained on the Collector Field as well.

‘Rice Cakes’ not available on the Collector Field after all

It happened as it was bound to happen. Due to the announcement that the ‘Rice Cakes’ were now available from the Collector Field as well, some of the players got themselves Silver / Gold Batteries from the Cash Shop and placed their characters onto the field. Feedback that no ‘Rice Cakes’ were to be found there came very quickly. At first, this was brushed off by saying that there was only a very slim chance to actually acquire the event items this way (which was, of course, not communicated prior).

When the complaints began to amass, WEBZEN decided to ask the developer after all. We were hardly surprised when news broke that the developer was mistaken and that the ‘Rice Cakes’ were not obtainable from the Collector Field. So much for WEBZENs great Quality Assurance.

The thing that irks us the most is that WEBZEN does seemingly no Quality Assurance whatsoever anymore. Whatever Gala Lab tells them is simply and directly publicly announced. Not once are the in-house test servers used to test, question or verify, even though the past showed us so often how well one can rely on the statements from the developer in Korea. The fact that players have spent real money in the Cash Shop due to this misinformation is never longer of interest. ‘The developer is terribly sorry’ is the last thing to be heard.

Our conclusion concerning last week

Although the past week on FlyFF was not as terrible as some of the weeks before, catastrophes found their way into the world of Fly for Fun once again. The current event was in need of several adjustments, there was misinformation leading to financial damage for players, and everything way played down with apologies once again.

To put it short: same crap, different guise.