The year 2019 is the year of server merges for FlyFF. Feedback from the community concerning this topic has been insistent for many years. A server merge was first mentioned in 2016, but it had to be postponed indefinitely due to technical problems.

This year, a phase of the merge already took place. Lykan, Kargo and Yetti became one. Tanuki and Mocomochi were left out for the time being. A fusion of the three existing servers is still planned.

WEBZEN publishes update concerning the current situation of the FlyFF server merge

This Tuesday, WEBZEN shed a bit of light on the matter and, after a long time of silence, published an update concerning the current situation of the FlyFF server merge.

According to latest information, the database and QA team is still busy with preparations. To guarantee mostly smooth proceedings, it was decided to not publish a precise date at this point. However, it is still planned to finish up the server merges during the year 2019.

Pending phases of the FlyFF server merge

There are two focal points at which server merges are still pending:

  • US Server: Tanuki, Lykan und Mocomochi
  • DE Server: Murano und Devos

This also answers the question of the German servers Murano and Devos staying separate or being fused. That has been a point of uncertainty up until now. It has been made official that Murano and Devos will be merged into a new Server with the name ‘Yggdrasil’. The US servers, by contrast, will be having a vote in which players will be able to choose a new name from a list of presets.

The merges of the DE and US servers are supposed to happen simultaneously – we presume within the same server maintenance.

What are your thoughts about this update? The announcement WEBZEN has made does not contain a lot of new information, but we at least have confirmation that the fusions are going to happen during 2019. Feel free to leave us a comment detailing your thoughts about this topic!