Two weeks ago, the FlyFF Secret Drop Event returned. This announcement took the community by surprise, seeing as a statement made during last summer said that this event was never to return. Full of pride, the WEBZEN team presented a wholly new and reworked version of the Secret Drop Event to us. The biggest points of critique towards the old version were promised to not be existent anymore.

Now that event is over, we want to seize the opportunity to recall our impressions of the new event and share them with you.

The problems with the old FlyFF Secret Drop Event

Although we have made a point to show the problems of the old version of the Secret Drop Event multiple times, we believe they cannot be understated. Let us recap the whole dilemma:

The old version of the event was based on fixed loot tables, their items available for looting at fixed times from fixed monsters. This pattern has been the same with every Secret Drop Event of the past. For die-hard farmers, it was an easy task to set up their own list to support them in farming the best items the event had to offer. That was the primary reason for FlyFF GM Piccolo to announce this summer that the Secret Drop Event would not be used anymore.

The FlyFF Secret Drop Event with new technology under the covers

When the return of the FlyFF Secret Drop Event was announced two weeks ago, the uproar from the community was massive. WEBZEN indicated, however, that the new Secret Drop Event had been completely reworked and that everything was based on random mechanics now. This was done in order to prevent dedicated farming of the event.

The community remained sceptical. We, too, were not prone to believe what we had heard until we saw it for ourselves. GM Piccolo, on the other hand, was so confident that he promised everyone who could tell him the exact drops at the exact time a Wooden Sword with GM awakenings.

A bumpy start for the FlyFF Secret Drop Event

To be honest, we are not surprised that things did not go exactly as planned at the beginning of the event. This Secret Drop Event, too, was off to a bumpy start. Instead of a balanced time/drop mix, drops usually came in bunches of 3 to 5. This could even happen with one monster alone.

After a few days, this problem was seemingly put under control. It only returned after server restarts in the beginning.

The community’s impressions of the new FlyFF Secret Drop Event

We primarily focussed our attention on the official forums and the Discord servers while searching for impressions the community has had of the new Secret Drop Event. The opinions could not be more split. To our surprise, the negative voices were extremely loud and manifold.

Of course, most of the players were once again solely focussed on profit. With the new Secret Drop Event, it was really no longer possible to farm certain items specifically. Prior popular goals among the players were the ‘Old Guardian’s Weapons’ and the ‘Lottery Boxes’. Now, the main point of critique turned out to be the fact that this event did not allow for such things to be farmed and in turn, was found to be useless and unnecessary. However, the ability to farm certain drops had been the biggest point of critique towards the old Secret Drop Event.

The extreme impatience was visible with a lot of players as well. Regular massive flame wars erupted – partially on the very first day of the event – because there were no amazing OP drops to be found.

Our own impressions of the new FlyFF Secret Drop Event

Besides the heavily profit-oriented players, who are now apparently not able to pay their next month’s rent with this event after all, there was luckily some feedback from the other side as well. A lot of players were, for example, happy about the flood of ‘Old Guardian’s Weapons’ and Cash Shop scrolls from the ‘Lottery Boxes’ coming to a halt.

We, too, found the new Secret Drop Event to not be as bad as we thought. Sure, there was a lot of trash to be found among the myriad of drops, which we immediately threw into the bin. However, there were a lot of power-ups present as well, always good to have, be it for our own use or for sale.

It might be a nice side effect of an event to be able to earn a good amount of Penya, but whether a Secret Drop Event (with its original concept) is the right event for such ambitions is anyone’s guess. We primarily had out fun in discovering the drops of every new day.

Of course, we do not want to praise the new Secret Drop Event to the skies. There is a lot of room for improvement left. In any case, we think this version is much better and fairer than the old version.

Nothing happens completely void of fails

Completely beside the content-related impressions of the Secret Drop Event, the WEBZEN FlyFF team managed to show that professional game publishing is not their forte once again.

Apparently, nothing has been learned from the fail concerning the last EXP event, which was pre-emptively brought to an end a day earlier. The same fate was now shared by the Secret Drop Event. Instead of ending with yesterday’s server maintenance, it was cut off during Sunday night. According to a statement by Moderator Amenofus on the German Discord server, Ireland had a holiday on Monday. This lead to the WEBZEN offices being empty upon the discovery and no GM could be contacted.

We choose to keep our personal opinion to ourselves. This degree of incompetence manages to silence even us at this point…

What do you think about the new Secret Drop Event? Do you think this version to be fairer and better or does the desire for profit take over and you would rather see the old version back? But, more importantly… who does the oil change on Clockworks? Feel free to leave us a comment with your opinion!