If there ever was anything to rely on regarding WEBZEN and their FlyFF team, it is probably the good chance of everything that could possibly go wrong actually going wrong. We usually see this with farm events. In the recent past, we cannot think of a case where the announcements went without a hitch.

It is usually the details of a farm event which are full of mistakes and oddities. Just recently, the FlyFF Music Festival Event had an announcement made a day prior, where most of the rewards listed turned out to be wrong.

Many discrepancies within the FlyFF Octoberfest Event 2019 as well

The current FlyFF Octoberfest Event 2019 stays true to its farm event roots and traditions. The event details were posted a day prior to the beginning of the event on the official forums. But seemingly, one hand did not know what the other did, yet again. The contents of the ‘Festival Box’ showed massive discrepancies between the German and English versions of the announcement.

For example, there seemed to be no consensus on which items available from the box were soul-bound or not. The again, the German announcement is lacking the item ‘Lasagna’ altogether.

Wrong data concerning the ‘Festival Box’

The ‘Festival Box’ itself as an item is even more interesting. This data seems to be amiss as well. In the German as well as the English version of the event, the quest reward from Arthur G. is an ‘Oktoberfest Box 2015’.

From a purely informative standpoint, this information changes a lot of things. The Octoberfest as a farm event was last seen 2012. Therefore, we were never granted a chance to grab an ‘Oktoberfest Box 2015’: You may be thinking now: ‘So what? The rewards are crap anyway!’.

The rewards available from the 2015 box are actually really not that great. But, another matter made us curious while we were preparing the event article for our Blog. In FlyFF, there is no item named ‘Traditional German Outfit Set (M) / (F)’. The German fashion outfit we already know goes by the name of ‘German Traditional Suit Set (M) / (F)’.

Brand-new FlyFF Fashion Set during the Octoberfest Event 2019

A ‘Traditional German Outfit Set’ can be found in the FlyFF item database; however, its full name is ‘Traditional German Outfit Set 2015’. Keeping in mind that this event has been absent from out FlyFF version ever since 2012, the ‘Oktoberfest Box 2015’ was never up for grabs and so the ‘Traditional German Outfit Set 2015’ never found its way to us, either.

Sometimes, we really do wonder whether WEBZEN is aware of what is being thrown onto their FlyFF servers. Judging by their event announcements, they usually haven’t the faintest idea of what they are actually doing.

Fun fact concerning the origin of the Octoberfest Event 2019

On the German FlyFF Discord server, we picked up on a small detail dropped by Game Master Piccolo. He said that he and his team caught Gala off-guard with their request concerning the Octoberfest Event. So we were all the more impressed that Gala seems to have been able to actually piece together this event and bring it live.

With each server maintenance, our IT dude takes a look at the changes made within the client. Concerning the Octoberfest Event 2019, we stumbled upon a small fact we did not deem worthy of a mention up until now. All in all, Gala seems to have simply recycled the ‘St. Patrick’s Day Event’ and adjusted some quest texts to fit their cause.

Call to action time! What do you have to say about this topic? Is it not curious that such specific and detailed information has to be uncovered by the players? Sure, the research takes us a considerable amount of work here and there, but one should be able to expect the FlyFF team to process such information beforehand and review it, so that their playerbase is informed about the events correctly. Then again, maybe we are expecting a bit too much…

Feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts on the matter.