August 21st, 2020, is a sad day in FlyFF for us. Some have been accompanied by this game (and its publisher) for 13 years now. That in itself is a surprisingly long lifespan for a free-to-play MMORPG. This lifespan is far from over for FlyFF, but severe changes will be coming in the future.

Following the exceptional maintenance on 08/21/2020, WEBZEN published the sad announcement stating that their service for the games FlyFF and Rappelz will be ending on 09/21/2020.

A new home for our FlyFF versions

This announcement very much took us by surprise. Our beloved ship is leaving its home port, destined for new horizons. In plain English, this does not mean that FlyFF will be going completely offline for us. It simply will not be tended to by the usual publisher and their familiar community team anymore.

Are my FlyFF characters lost now?

Luckily, this change in publishers does not mean that our FlyFF versions are to be shut down completely. Immediately after the server maintenance on 08/21/2020, the account transfer phase began. You will now be able to migrate your WEBZEN account to an account with the new publisher until 09/21/2020 at 11:59 p.m. (PST). This will allow your character progress to live on after 09/21/2020 on the BORA Island game portal.

How do I migrate my WEBZEN account to the BORA Island portal?

Below, we would like to provide you with a short step-by-step guide concerning the account transfer to the new publisher.

  1. Go to the BORA Island game portal website and sign up for a new account.
  2. Start your FlyFF client as usual and log in to the WEBZEN account you would like to migrate to the BORA account you have just created.
  3. On the character selection screen, an additional dialouge window informing you of the account transfer should be popping up. Click the ‘Apply’ button to start the migration process.
  4. The Internet Explorer will now open and lead you to the website of the BORA Island portal. Your first step there will be to approve of a user agreement.
  5. After selling your soul to the new publisher, the system will guide you to a login page. Sign in with the BORA account you have just created.
  6. That’s all! At the end, you should be recieving a message informing you of your successful endeavours concerning the FlyFF data transfer.

Should you have more than one account – and would like to keep on using the characters located there -, you will have to repeat this process for every single WEBZEN account you would like to keep on using.

What will become of the old FlyFF GM team and the Discord servers?

This is where we – at least from our personal point of view – arrive at the very sad part of the proceedings. A change in publishers also means having to say goodbye to the familiar old FlyFF team. Way2Bit will probably have their own community team and will be using said team for the game’s future service.

What exactly will be changing for the community is something we cannot say as of now. How many Game Masters will there be? Will there be an English language support? Will the new publisher be installing new official Discord servers? Questions upon questions which nobody seems to know the answer to at the moment.

Then again, that is not quite true. GM Piccolo has raised his voice within the German FlyFF community to some extent concerning the topic of Discord. Keeping the current German FlyFF Discord server as an inofficial channel is apparently being considered.

Source: FlyFF DE Discord

Piccolo’s statement reads:
‘If the new publisher is not taking over this Discord channel, we will keep it up and running as an inofficial fan channel – without any kind of suppport, of course.’

This statement is by no means an assurance. It would be a comforting thought, however, knowing that a small part of the well-known normality is being kept for the community.

What do you think of this development? Are you excitedly looking into a bright future for FlyFF or have the news evoked an apocalyptic mood within you? We remain very torn. On the one hand, this could be an exciting, fresh start for FlyFF, on the other hand, a lot of memories are connected to the current publisher and the time we have spent in FlyFF at their side. Feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts.