It has been a long time since the ‘forces of evil’ came by to invade Madrigal. Such a FlyFF Monster Invasion was last seen at the start of July 2019 for the English version, when Klaig brought this event to the US server Lykan.

For the most recent invasion, it was EU server Clockworks’ turn to be thrown into despair by WEBZEN Moderator Amenofus and his trusty hordes of evil. We were at the scene and, although frightened and certainly monsterly preoccupied, gathered impressions.

Planning and organisation of the FlyFF Monster Invasion

As with the invasions on the German servers the week before, this Monster Invasion was announced early and widely. Announcements on the official forums, the Discord server and even Facebook were made as early as last Monday.

Shortly before the invasion started, a short reminder was posted on the Discord server and ingame.

Execution of the FlyFF Monster Invasion

Amenofus chose Saint Morning as the stage for his invasion and let the monsters loose right outside the city gates. This choice of location proved to be a good one, since it presented the players with a wide and plain field containing few obstacles; the ideal place to play with a lot of huge and evil monsters.

The invasion started off with some light low-level fare. Among others, Chameleons and Annabelle’s were seen; but one exotic species we had never seen before turned up as well: the Catcher Monsters. With time, the level of the summoned monsters was raised constantly.

This is where something sprung to our minds. Granted, starting with small monsters and slowly but surely climbing the level ladder is not a bad approach; however, it does not always achieve the specified goal.
The intention behind it was likely the inclusion of low-level players into the invasion. The surplus of Hero players, however, prevented the smaller characters from participating in a meaningful way, since the Heroes usually only needed one AoE attack to decimate any hordes of low-level monsters. From our point of view, this leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Relaxed hangout with the monster hordes

Beside the previous point, the invasion left us with a rather relaxed impression of itself. As a rule of thumb, no aggressive monsters were summoned. The boss monsters were not summoned in excess either. Their count was kept moderate and, should more than one have been present at a time, they were spawned at a certain distance to each other.

In that sense, the invasion did not seem like the typical apocalyptic world-ending event that the announcements suggested. We did not mind that very much, however. We would much rather see an invasion and its monsters tuned to its attendees rather than massive death traps in the form of excessive spawns, leaving the players frustrated.

Rewards after the FlyFF Monster Invasion

As is commonly known, we players are a profit-seeking bunch. Should an event – even a small ingame one – hold no possible rewards for us, we would rather think twice about attending.

Interestingly enough, Amenofus already provided a list of possible rewards for this invasion in his post on the official forums. These rewards may not be of the kind present in our wildest dreams; but for a small ingame event, they turned out to be just fine. Luring in players with a loot table in the announcement itself, however, is a very smart move in itself.

Furthermore, another detail stood out positively to us. Normally, event monsters containing the sought-after loot were simply spawned and then we players mowed them down. Especially concerning monsters like ‘Drop Friendly Mia’ & cohorts, this turned out to be a disadvantage, since the loot is temporarily reserved for the player who landed the last hit. This disadvantage was bypassed by Amenofus kicking the monsters in the shins himself. This may have reserved the loot for him shortly, but he did not collect any of it. This levelled the chances of loot acquisition for all players.


This invasion felt to us like a relaxed hangout session with a horde of monsters. Monsters were never spawned in their aggressive forms, which made it all the more cosy.

Despite all efforts, it remained glaringly obvious that the low-level players drew the short straw once again. It was consistently attempted to keep monsters in the low-level region coming, but most of those spawns fell to a passer-by high-level player after all. We also noticed Amenofus faltering to cater to all levels fluently and consistently. We believe WEBZEN should consider staffing events like this invasion with more than one MOD / GM on the job.

All in all, we found this event to be rather fine. Sure, it did not blow our socks off, but it was entertaining enough to serve as a neat distraction.

Were you present for the Monster Invasion? Which impressions did you take away? We would love to hear about it in the comments!